Who is Running Your Firm’s PPC Ads?

Who do you entrust to run your firm’s PPC advertising? A nephew you consider “online savvy?” The friend who dabbles in marketing as a hobby? Or maybe you are doing it yourself, monitoring the keywords and managing each campaign’s budget every day.

The bottom line is this: You need someone who is transparent and experienced managing your ads. PPC advertising is a powerful way to get in front of legal consumers during their search for attorneys. You don’t want to trust that to just anyone. When your potential clients are searching for legal services that your firm provides, you want to make sure you’re effectively targeting them with your ads.

You also want to be efficient with your valuable time. Between practicing law and running a small business, you have plenty to worry about with your firm’s future growth. Managing ads on top of that can be a demanding commitment. Keywords are changing, consumer searching behaviors evolve and your ad dollars need to be optimized.

But with FindLaw managing your PPC, you’ll have the confidence that you’re working with a trusted marketing services provider. FindLaw is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. Our 57 certified campaign managers are solely focused on helping you target new clients easily and efficiently so you can focus on the things you do best. Plus, we only work with law firms so we understand your firm’s specific challenges.

Our managers will work with you to:

If you’d like to learn more about FindLaw’s PPC services, check out this short video and contact us today.

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