Redesigning for Today’s Mobile Consumer

Redesigning for Today’s Mobile Consumer

Have you visited lately? If so, you’ve probably noticed some big changes. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the web’s number one online resource for legal information has been given a major redesign.

The new look for couldn’t come at a better time. Traffic to is now more than 11 million visits per month and the numbers show no sign of slowing down. But look close at those massive numbers and you’ll see some behaviors that require an update to FindLaw.

First is the prevalence of mobile computing. Last year, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time in history. Now, had been optimized for mobile to some degree, we knew we could do better, and our users deserved better.

Today, the entirety of is now mobile-optimized and responsive. That means our market-leading lawyer directory, our timely legal blogs and the informative Learn About the Law – all of these pages and their contents are going to look and perform wonderfully on screens big and small, and whether clicked with a mouse or tapped with a finger.

In a world where searching for an attorney can be done from the scene of a legal incident, moving FindLaw’s lawyer directory to a mobile format is vitally important to legal consumers and lawyers alike. This was a truly massive undertaking and we’re proud to bring so much popular and valuable content into the mobile era.

On the design side, we took a fresh look at the behaviors of the millions of legal consumers who interacted with What we discovered was no surprise: they’re impatient.

Internet users, and legal consumers specifically, will leave a site at the drop of a hat if it fails to deliver the information, speed and aesthetics they’re expecting. For better or worse, we’ve all become connoisseurs of website design and content. The new was designed to reflect this with a modern, clean design that places a premium on the features our visitors use most.

  • A persistent directory search field means legal consumers are never more than a click away from tracking down the perfect attorney for their needs.
  • Smart, meaningful implementation of icons and other design elements help readers keep track of their place within FindLaw’s massive content library as they learn about the law and their potential options.
  • Meanwhile, for the attorneys who rely on FindLaw for the growth of their law firms, updated advertising formats ensure that their campaigns continue to deliver results on mobile and desktop screens alike.

What hasn’t changed on

Since the earliest days of FindLaw, our online presence has been committed to connecting legal consumers with the information and attorneys they need most. The new continues that quest as the flagship brand in FindLaw’s network of legal directories,,, and

I often hear our consultants position FindLaw as a partner to law firms. This update proves their point. By focusing on a better experience for the legal consumer – mobile-first and modern design – FindLaw is also improving our ability to bring prospects and attorneys together.

Our visitors so often become your clients, and today I’m proud to announce that FindLaw is in an even better position to deliver on that promise. If you haven’t by now, take a trip to and see what’s new. I think you’ll like what you see.

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