Recapturing a Third of Your Law Firm’s Potential

Here’s a quick bit of homework for you. Search for your firm on your mobile device. Run one vanity search using your firm’s name, then search again just for your practice area and city.

How did it go? What did the results page look like compared to a desktop search? Do you know which factors contributed to these results? If you clicked your link, did your website deliver a usable mobile experience?

If your firm is like most, probably not.

The good news is, we can help. The first step is to register for our upcoming webcast, Are You Ignoring a Third of Your Firm’s Potential?

After all, 31 percent of web traffic to law firm websites comes through mobile searches. And that figure is just the traffic. That doesn’t include those highly motivated consumers who go straight from search results to a phone call – all on the same device.

Remember that your online presence is just like any other customer touch point. What if one day you discovered that your firm’s phone system blocked one third of your inbound calls? Imagine that your office was literally invisible to a third of your potential clients.

Ridiculous, we know. But failing to respond to the shift in online consumer trends can yield similar results. Ignore the facts or resist the changes and you’re cutting out your own business.

What’s the solution?
Understanding the landscape is the secret to successfully navigating it, so get yourself informed. Register for our free webcast next week. We’ll explore the local-mobile consumer, teach you the difference between computer-based and mobile searches and provide usable steps to help your law firm:

  • Appeal to the specific needs and preferences of mobile users
  • Improve your law firm’s local ranking and business listing on Google and other search engines
  • Capture mobile consumers as they search for attorneys

This encore webcast Are You Ignoring a Third of Your Firm’s Potential? is Wednesday, January 28th. Two times are available: 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Central.

Do your business a favor and register today.

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