Reaching Millennial Legal Consumers Through Law Blogs and Social Media

Reaching Millennial Legal Consumers Through Law Blogs and Social Media

Want a clear example of how today’s younger generation finds attorneys compared to Baby Boomers or even Generation X? Just use your imagination. The distinctions between people who used to search for a lawyer using phone books and land lines, and those who turn to a smartphone from the scene of the accident couldn’t be more stark.

Imagine it’s January 26, 1986. You’re a young bartender on the North Side of Chicago working in a packed bar as the Bears win the Super Bowl. But as everyone is chanting Mike Ditka’s name, you trip over a loose hose that the owner of the bar has been meaning to fix for months now. Your shift ends early with a trip to the ER. The next morning, you grab the yellow pages and see a slick, half page ad for “Chicago’s Personal Injury Powerhouse” and decide it might be wise to call.

Fast forward 30 years later to the same bar on November 11, 2016 as the 13th inning of the World Series ends and the Cubs win for the first time in 108 years. Kate is working behind the bar this time and she’s understandably excited. Unfortunately, that excitement works in tandem with some melted ice to send Kate slipping, falling and breaking her arm. Once her medical needs are attended to, this 25-year-old turns to her pocket and the cell phone it carries.

Today’s millennial generation uses a different approach to finding an attorney than most other age groups. They were raised on the internet, were early adopters of social media and started reading blogs at an early age. They apparently aren’t a big fan of phone calls. Traditional marketing approaches might not appeal to this more tech savvy generation – and the things many firms ignore or undervalue are just what these potential clients are looking for. More than 40 percent of millennials believe tweets and Facebook posts from attorneys are important. They trust blogs to do their legal research at twice the rate as the average legal consumer. These two areas alone set them apart from their baby boomer or Gen X counterparts.

The good news is, your law firm can easily meet these preferences. For example, you can maintain a blog as a place to tout the expertise you’ve developed through years of practice or to give introductory advice to legal consumers who are wondering what to do next. Social media, on the other hand, helps prospects get to know you and your firm in a more personal way. One simple way to appeal to millennials? Post candid photos of office outings or charity events you attend. It might seem off-base to you, but this generation is comfortable with brands and businesses connecting with them as people rather than faceless logos.

The truth is that digital marketing is always evolving and, as in years past, the younger generation is leading the way. To read more about how millennials make their legal decisions, download FindLaw’s report Reaching a New Generation: Tailoring Your Legal Marketing to Millennial Consumers.

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