What Do Prospects Love About Easy-To-Work-With Lawyers?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. (If you haven’t made arrangements to do something nice for your significant other, go do it. Now. I’ll wait.)

Feb. 14 seems as good a time as any to identify the things clients love about lawyers who make it easy to find and work with them.

You say what they want to hear:

Attorneys often like to speak to their qualifications. That’s understandable – it takes a lot of time and work to graduate from law school, have an article published or serve on a committee. In most instances, though, clients take it for granted an attorney is fit for the task at hand. They don’t need to be reassured of that. Rather, they want to hear what it’s like to work with you. Do you specifically cater to a consumer niche? What is your approach to client matters? What do past clients give you high marks for? This is the kind of information (called “brand positioning”) prospects want to hear.

You respond in a timely manner:

Because it has long been a perennial issue, identified in client survey after client survey, most attorneys know they need to improve the timeliness of their client communication. What they may not know is just what this is costing them. One-third of firms neglect phone calls and half do not respond to online communication within 24 hours. This does not pair well with the tendency of modern-day legal consumers, who have many options at their disposal and move quickly between them when they don’t receive a response from one.

You’re always there when they call…and you listen:

Eighty-seven percent of customers hire the only attorney they get in touch with. That means if a potential client can get you on the phone, chances are good he or she will hire you. Make it easy for clients to connect with you by having your phone number prominently displayed on your website, and be sure the click-to-call feature is enabled for mobile users. It’s easier said than done, but enacting (and enforcing) a policy where someone in your office returns calls promptly, even if it’s just an acknowledgement and a promise to follow up more substantively later, really will reap big dividends. Lastly, listen. When clients have to repeat themselves, especially if they have to share sensitive information more than once, they feel commodified.

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