Presence and Visibility: Two Sides of a Coin

Rome’s iconic Trevi Fountain is surprisingly difficult to find. Even with signs and helpful locals willing to point an errant tourist in the right direction, it seems almost secreted away behind a tangle of narrow streets and nondescript buildings. When at last you find it, though, it’s worth all the effort you took to make it there – and you’re supposed to toss a coin over your shoulder and into the fountain to ensure your return.

That charming bit of Roman lore is actually quiet applicable to marketing your law firm. Getting prospective clients to find (and maybe even return to) your website is not always easy, and a visitor needs to think it’s worth it after he or she does arrive. To employ the two-sided coin analogy:

The “heads” side establishes your online presence. It includes things like:

  1. Websites – A mobile-friendly website is the hub of your other online activity. Its content supports your outreach efforts and its contact options serve as a portal to your law firm. Your website needs to be the payoff for what you’ve previewed elsewhere online. It should make the visitor think, “Ah, yes. This is just what I am looking for.”
  2. Social media accounts – With social media no longer an optional tactic, attorneys who eschew a presence on these platforms run the risk of being overlooked by an increasingly social audience. An active and authentic presence on social media gives your law firm endless opportunities to showcase your knowledge, experience and personality.
  3. Directory profiles – For attorneys, a thorough catalog of online profiles in relevant directories is a must. FindLaw’s lawyer directory receives millions of visits every month from legal consumers looking for the one attorney who can meet their needs. Directories are not expensive or time-consuming, so there really is no excuse for missing out on connecting with a potential client by not having an accurate directory listing.

The “tails” side promotes the presence you have already established by raising your online visibility with activities like:

  1. PPC – Pay-per-click advertising is more than just ads. It’s an excellent way to control your message at a search engine level, either by promoting your unique specialty or by reinforcing your brand.
  2. Social promotion – Sponsored posts and promoted content make the most of your social media accounts. They contributing to the persona you’ve built online and allow you to target your message to the audience most likely to appreciate it.
  3. SEO – Effective search engine optimization is fundamental to online visibility. For the best results, focus on realistic search behaviors, not aspirational vanity rankings.

If you can carve out a strong presence for your firm and take steps to boost the visibility of that presence, the coins you toss into your marketing budget will return to you many times over.

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