PPC Success: What’s holding you back?

Putting aside the technical aspects of pay-per-click advertising (of which there are many) sometimes a successful campaign depends more on your perspective and approach rather than finding just the right terms.

Our upcoming webcast delves specifically into this topic and will feature content experts from FindLaw and Google. Any attorney who relies on PPC for a portion of their firm’s business should register for this free event.

Between now and then, ask yourself a few questions about your approach to PPC. The results could shine a light on what’s limiting your success.

  • Am I giving my campaigns enough time to thrive?
    Lots of law firms use PPC to supplement their other marketing campaigns. This is sound logic, but they make a crucial error. They turn their PPC campaigns on and off like a spigot. In contrast, most legal industries are somewhat constant. As one family’s estate is resolved, another’s requires attention. Likewise for issues like divorce, personal injury, etc. Turning off your campaign turns your firm off of these potential cases.
  • Am I focusing too much on my ad content?
    Getting the advertisement “just right” seems to be the secret sauce that law firms are always trying to figure out. And yes, it’s true that your ad’s content has a measurable impact on the results of your campaign, so do things like keyword targeting, scheduling, bids, quality score, corresponding landing pages and more. If you’re putting all your focus on the ad itself without doing your homework elsewhere, don’t expect much from your campaign.
  • Am I nurturing my campaigns or letting them wither?
    Just like a flower that needs regular pruning, a healthy PPC campaign requires ongoing attention in order to thrive. Their need is also their benefit: PPC ads constantly provide feedback on their performance through the results and data you receive. By regularly tending to this data, you’ll be more aware of your campaign’s performance and better equipped to meet your goals.
  • Am I expecting too much of my PPC?
    These three little letters can’t do it all. Just like other aspects of online lawyer marketing, the best results come from a coordinated effort between PPC and organic search marketing. Not only do these tactics increase traffic to your website, they can aid in building brand awareness as consumers see your ad multiple times within a search results page.

If you find yourself struggling with PPC and wondering what the holdup is, the solution could be a change in perspective. Register for our upcoming webcast or reach out to your local consultant today. He or she can help you with your planning, your budget and maybe even your outlook on PPC.

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