Play To Your Strengths and Leave Your Weaknesses Behind

Have you tweeted yet today?
Checked your site analytics this week?
Does your firm have a Snapchat account?

Why not?

That wasn’t a trick question. If you read enough marketing advice, you’ll get the impression that the only way to succeed is to do it all: social media, PPC, blogging, video, retargeting, demographics, infographics, LinkedIn, headshots, biographies, Spanish-language services – it’s enough to make a successful attorney feel one misstep away from failure.

To top it all off, who has the time to tackle all that and practice law?

I get it. If you lack the ability and desire to make a particular marketing tactic work, go ahead and take a break. You wouldn’t pursue criminal defense cases if you weren’t a strong trial lawyer, so why tie yourself in knots over marketing that doesn’t fit your style?

When it comes to your firm, you are the expert. There will always be new tactics to try, but only you know what you can handle. And a poorly executed campaign is often worse than none at all. (Blogs that grow stagnant and wither on the vine come to mind.) So read my words, but know thyself.

Are you bad at Twitter? (Maybe it’s time to leave the nest.)

Is your PPC campaign a well-oiled machine? (By all means, keep fueling it!)

The sooner you can determine your strengths and which tactics warrant more investment, the sooner you’ll be able to focus on the most rewarding aspects of your marketing.

Now, I’m not advocating a wholesale abandonment of every tactic you don’t like.
If you let some activities go, commit to revisiting them at a later time or hire a marketing professional to handle them for you. After all, social media might seem banal or unintuitive to you – and that’s fine. But you don’t have to “get” Facebook to understand that it’s a valuable part of your overall online footprint.

So as you sift through all the good advice out there, be true to your business and your bandwidth. Legal marketing experts will tell you what we know. But the strongest results materialize when you take that advice and apply it to what you do best.

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