Pay-Per-Click Strategies Part 2: Defending Your Firm’s Brand

PPC_02In last week’s article, we discussed how pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can target specific geographies and practice areas. This week, we’ll explore an alternative strategy: using PPC ads to defend an existing brand. How will you know if this strategy is right for you? One perspective depends on how strong your law firm’s brand is already. Does your firm have excellent name recognition within your region? Do you have a history of strong offline advertising or a great deal of longevity in your market? Is your law firm suffering because of strong competition for mindshare that used to be yours? If not, you might want to invest some time defining your brand or expanding your online presence.

For firms who answered, “yes” to the questions above, PPC ads are a very effective way to retain dominance in your market. This is an important concept when you consider just how vulnerable your online presence could be. Uninformed consumers often misspell or mis-remember a brand name, and it’s common practice online to advertise based on these errors. Even more sinister, a competing firm could purchase PPC ads featuring your firm’s name or brand identity, stealing traffic that your hard work generated. The good news is, as the “owner” of your brand, you’re in a uniquely positive position to defend it. In fact, most PPC bidding processes offer the best opportunities in price and positioning to the owners of company names.

PPC also presents several opportunities to build your law firm’s brand. PPC ads allow for customized messaging, which you can use to reinforce your law firm’s reputation or expertise. In addition, branded PPC ads are typically fairly low-cost, since there probably isn’t a lot of competition for your law firm’s name. Lastly, branded PPC ads provide an inexpensive insurance policy for those occasions where your law firm’s organic search ranking fluctuates. When that happens, no price is too high to ensure your potential customers are still able to find your website.

Speaking of prices, if your law firm has a well-established brand identity, you’ve likely made judicious use of your marketing budget in the past. Keep that good business behavior going with your PPC campaigns. Send PPC visitors to a custom landing page if you can. At the very least, learn to identify referral sources in your web analytics program. It’s the only way to know that your time and money are being well spent.

Pay-per-click really is one of the more powerful tools on the web. No matter what stage your law firm is in, excellent results are within reach if you leverage this opportunity intelligently. PPC can buttress your brand at a relatively low cost or boost your business in a specific practice area. Intrigued? Contact us today to speak with a FindLaw PPC expert.

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