Pay-Per-Click Strategies Part 1: Advertise Your Specialty, Not Your Firm

PPCImage1-300x276Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a complex and valuable tool that isn’t always understood properly. PPC ads are small links most often seen at the top and sides of a search engine results page. These ads have a very prominent visual position and often look like a “top hit” search result. With such desirable placement, it’s obvious why law firms get excited about PPC—it’s a very effective marketing tactic that can deliver outstanding results, when used properly.

One PPC strategy is a “Targeted, not Branded” approach. Used this way, PPC can deliver qualified leads in a specific practice area to your firm. For example, your website currently promotes your family law practice in general. A PPC campaign highlighting your expertise in military divorces can provide a measurable, controlled boost in potential customers finding your website – something they’re trying to do anyway.

You see, most searches for legal services aren’t branded. Admittedly, some law firms with a large marketing presence may have the name recognition to drive search behavior, but we’ll address them in our next article. In this scenario, consumers are searching for specific services like, “military family divorce in San Diego” and they’re likely to choose whichever firm is presented on the very first results page. They’re trying to find your services, and a pay-per-click campaign puts your firm right in front of their eyes.

Not only does PPC deliver top page positioning, this tactic also allows you to tailor your ad to a potential customer’s needs. PPC ads contain a completely customizable message (within a certain character limit) that speaks directly to the target audience. Contrast this level of accuracy with an ad on a moving bus, listing all of your firm’s practice areas, driving around town hoping to be seen (and remembered). Which tactic sounds more effective?

In addition to high visibility and a targeted message, PPC ads typically direct traffic to a specific landing page or a portion of a website. This path, instead of linking to a website’s main page, offers another chance to deliver a consistent message. Properly presented, this message keeps site visitors on-track and instills confidence that they’ve come to the right place.

Meanwhile, your law firm’s overall website still results in organic search campaigns. That’s the beauty of this strategy for using PPC: It doesn’t dilute your overall web presence or brand. It’s an additional level of targeting that serves to match the right client with the right firm – yours.

If it all sounds too good to be true, it’s worth mentioning that the learning curve for PPC is steep. PPC is a nuanced system where the best results come from a professionally managed campaign. If you’re looking to bring targeted potential clients to your website instead of the competition’s, you owe it to yourself to explore PPC. Contact us today to speak with a FindLaw PPC expert.

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