Open for Business: Enhancing Your Firm’s Visibility on Google

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It’s no secret that Google makes our lives easier. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant or getting directions for a road trip, Google grabs the answers you need in seconds. But searching for content is the easy part. What about when you’re on the other side of the equation, trying to get your content seen? That’s when things get tricky. Ensuring your business appears prominently in Google’s results can feel like guesswork.

Thankfully, boosting your business’ visibility isn’t as complicated as it seems. In our recent webcast, Why Being Friendly in the Eyes of Google Means More to Your Firm Now Than Ever Before, we were joined by two industry experts who shared several strategies to enhance your search engine performance. Topics discussed included managing your Google My Business profile, adapting to mobile search, and cultivating a social media presence.

In this blog post, we answer four questions that were raised by our webcast attendees.

Question: How often should I be updating my Google My Business profile?

Simply put, as often as possible. The purpose of your Google My Business profile is to act as a funnel that encourages clients to click through to your website. Having a profile updated consistently with the most accurate information will help your firm appear credible and professional to customers. Which firm would you trust more? The attorney with a blank profile except for a phone number, or the practice with a robust profile complete with staff photos and a detailed “about us” section?

Question: My firm has a great desktop website, but we haven’t given much thought to how we appear on mobile. Is adapting our site to mobile traffic really worth the cost?

According to the most recent FindLaw’s Legal Consumer Needs Survey, 85% of legal consumers report having used a mobile device to search for an attorney. These days, having a website optimized for mobile users is a necessity. Google will even penalize you by making your page appear lower in search results if your site lacks a mobile-friendly format.

In addition to mobile compatibility, Google’s algorithm also emphasizes your site’s load time (2 seconds or less is ideal) and security measures (such as HTTPS certification) when determining search rank.

Question: Besides Google, are there any other search engines or sites I should be focusing on to maximize my web traffic?

Yes, there is. While not as well-known as Google, Microsoft’s Bing is the second most popular search engine in America and commands considerable traffic. Setting up a Bing Places for Business profile for your firm, similar to Google My Business, is a great first step towards raising your visibility on the search engine.

Additionally, establishing a social media presence can also help your firm reach new customers. Creating accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn provides an easy way for potential customers to learn about your practice. Moreover, being listed on social media (and other third-party sites like FindLaw and can also raise your ranking in Google’s algorithm.

Question: As an attorney, I barely have time for my cases, much less managing my firm’s digital strategy. Should I look into hiring an intern?

An effective digital strategy for your law firm requires an investment of time. But you’re a lawyer, not a web developer, and you deserve to spend your time doing what you do best: helping your clients. Instead of going through the process of hiring an intern, consider partnering with FindLaw. Our legal marketing professionals have years of experience and offer a range of services tailored to your needs and price point.

Interested in learning more about upping your Google game? Missed the webcast (or want to watch it again)? Click here to view the on-demand recording of our webcast event.



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