Ongoing Performance: Disavowing Bad Links To Attorney Websites

There’s more to a high-visibility website than a nice layout and good information. To deliver clients, a law firm’s website site needs to keep performing after the initial launch. It needs to stay up-to-date with ever-changing requirements of clients and of search engines.

This is no simple task. One of the many regular maintenance processes every website faces is the hoary chore of disavowing bad links – links from paid, irrelevant or otherwise spammy networks, for example.

Bad links matter because one of the key ways your website builds SEO is through links from other sites. But those links have to be high-quality links. They need to come from reputable sources, such as online legal directories and established publications where your name appears. If too many low-quality links are hooking up to your site, your SEO can take a serious beating.

Why do these dirty links exist anyway? Basically, there are a lot of disreputable sites out there that exist solely to create “link spam,” or low-valuable links. Back in the day, search engines were less sophisticated with regards to link quality. As a result it was relatively easy and a common practice to boost the rank of a webpage by increasing the number of links – whether editorially relevant or not – pointing to the page.

Nowadays, websites need to cultivate link quality as much or more than quantity. Google’s “Penguin” algorithm update from a few years ago made sure of that – and caused a lot of disruption on the web. But that’s the nature of online marketing – things can change quickly. What was once a valid and effective tactic can easily be weakened, or worse, forbidden. That’s why it’s important to choose a marketer who continually adapts to serve their clients.

Which brings us back to today. To keep bad links from dragging down our clients’ performance, FindLaw regularly runs link audits on our websites. The process is far from simple, but it’s an essential part of SEO for law firms that rely on their website being found.

Our performance experts take a close look at the site’s inbound links and decide which ones need to go and which ones are worth keeping. There are some telltale signs: Low-quality websites generally exhibit common features like common text, shared IP addresses and country of origin. Still, finding those suspect links and making sure they are bad isn’t easy. It requires the right digital tools, and the right people who can make smart judgments.

Therein lies the FindLaw difference. Our in-house experts know the ins and outs of online marketing, and they’re sole focused on the legal industry. Their dedication to ongoing performance is just part of what makes FindLaw the smart choice.

If your law firm’s website is slipping or never seemed to have any traction in the first place, contact us. We have the intelligence and the commitment to make sure you’re getting the best results possible for your marketing dollar.

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