One Vendor Brings the Band All Together

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Marketing a law firm, like making music, gets better when the elements all work together.

In 1968 the French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard released a short documentary that follows the Rolling Stones as they collaborate on and record the song “Sympathy for the Devil.” In it you can see Mick Jagger practicing the song while Bill Wyman works out a few bass licks sitting on the ground in an open studio.

They are all together, in the same room, collaborating to create what will eventually become a classic. But what if each of The Stones all recorded their instruments in different studios the way so many bands do today? You might wind up with a similar song, but the richness and subtle interplay of the sound wouldn’t be there. Quite simply, the music just wouldn’t sync the way it did originally.

Do you work with and measure data from different vendors for each of your marketing campaigns? If you do, that lack of collaboration could mean you’re missing the harmony working with a single company can provide.

Pleased to Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name

The one thing you don’t want when you’re measuring marketing ROI is guesswork. If you have one company giving you data on your SEO campaign, another showing you how your website is performing and yet another managing your PPC you may not have a good idea about how any of them work together. Furthermore, when there is an issue, you’ll probably have three sets of fingers pointing in three different directions.

Does a change in your monthly PPC spend affect your website metrics? How does a paid social media post synch with your mobile conversion rate? Even small changes in digital marketing efforts need to be measured and weighted so you know how best to spend your budget, which can become difficult with multiple vendors.

The Nature of FindLaw’s Game

When you convert your online solutions to FindLaw, you are working with a single digital marketing firm who meticulously pours over your data metrics to make sure all your online marketing works in unison. Instead of measuring cause and effect between multiple vendors, you’ll be able to see how each of your campaigns work together and track numbers and ROI of your entire online marketing efforts.

FindLaw makes digital marketing easier and more efficient by allowing you to see the big picture all in one spot. Integrated marketing is best optimized when you can easily track how every facet works together. You may not make the album Beggars Banquet, but you’ll have a better understanding of how your marketing works to bring you new leads.

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