One Month, 9 Million Legal Consumers and Your Ad

We talk about the importance of legal directory listings a lot on this blog for good reason. You should get your name in front of qualified prospects when they’re ready to make a decision. But a legal site like is more than just a directory. What about the millions of legal consumers who come to research their issues and needs every month? What’s the best way to reach them?

This is where Skylight Digital Ads come in. Skylight ads appear on non-directory pages of both FindLaw and LawInfo’s websites. Say someone goes to to read more about adoption and the necessary legal steps they must take. If you were a family law attorney, wouldn’t you want your brand in front of this person while they’re still investigating their options?

Skylight ads are featured on pages relevant to your practice area such as blog posts and legal definitions. The ads target both your practice area and geographic location, so you can be sure the audience you want is the audience you get.


When consumers need a lawyer they act quickly. More often than not they only contact four attorneys and largely select the first attorney they speak to so it’s important to get your firm’s name and contact information in front of prospects as early in their decision making process as possible.


Skylight Digital Ads come with access to FindLaw’s INSIGHT analytics dashboard which means you can track your click and impression data so you know what the ad is doing for you.

Look at the big picture. There are countless ways attorneys can spread the word about their firm. Some are more passive and reward a long-term plan (blogging, for example) while others, like Skylight ads from FindLaw are targeted and active, reaching out to an active audience, right when they need you most.

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