On Wine, Websites And Working With Web Designers

This one goes out to the wine aficionados out there. Think back to your early experiences with what Robert Louis Stevenson called, “bottled poetry”. Odds are, you weren’t born knowing your Beaujolais from your Bordeaux. You probably had to learn to articulate something as abstract as “finish” and it’s safe to assume that your palette has grown more refined over time. You’ve moved from simply knowing what you like, to knowing why you like it.

The point is, a lot of expertise simply comes down to vocabulary and background knowledge. Often, the first steps towards being truly informed on any topic are to simply learn the basic machinations at work, and the words necessary to describe your preferences.

Websites are no different. Whether you’re facing a sommelier or a designer, knowing what you want and how to ask for it will greatly increase your chances of a positive result.

With this in-mind, we have just released our latest digital playbook: “Lawyer Marketing 102: Websites For Small Law Firms.” We created this free resource for attorneys who often aren’t particularly well versed in the art and science of website design for law firms, but might be interested in learning to talk the talk on the following subjects:

  • Website design basics
  • Developing effective content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Designing websites that convert
  • Measuring website performance

This playbook doesn’t overwhelm you with the intricacies of color theory and it won’t make you an SEO expert. What it will do is give you the knowledge to make accurate requests of your design team, and to recognize good advice when you hear it.

With insights collected from across FindLaw, “Legal Marketing 102” provides a peek into the minds of the industry’s largest team of online marketing experts. Download your free copy today and find out what our professionals want you to know.

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