The Need for Speed in Mobile Websites

The Need for Speed in Mobile Websites

Is the speed of your law firm’s mobile website turning off potential clients?

Serious about getting new clients? Then you know you need to reach them where they’re increasingly being found–their mobile devices. Legal consumers typically need legal help quickly, often on the fly.

But they’re not likely to choose your firm if your mobile-optimized website takes a long time to load. So how can you be sure that your mobile site is loading fast enough? That’s the topic FindLaw explores in a new white paper, “Seconds Matter: The Real-world Risks of a Slow Mobile Website.”

The paper’s title summarizes the challenge your firm faces in the mobile age: Your site can’t waste time. The longer it takes to appear on a legal consumer’s smartphone screen, the less likely he or she will wait. And that means the more likely he or she will leave your site—and that means lost business.

In the online world, this is called “bounce.” A study conducted this year by Google showed that an additional three seconds of loading time increases the chances of a site visitor bouncing by 32 percent. Adding five seconds? An astounding 90 percent. Consumers these days see a slow site and immediately start looking elsewhere.

You get the idea. So what makes a site fast? That might seem obvious. Fast simply means fast, doesn’t it? In fact, website speed is remarkably complicated. There are numerous factors that affect how fast your site loads. Some are out of your hands. But there’s a great deal that you and your site administrator can do to tune up your site’s speed.

One of the things that you can do is to learn what those factors are. In the next three posts, we’ll offer some fast takes and takeaways on website speed, and how you can boost your site’s download performance:

  • The tools you need to measure your speed (you’ll need more than one).
  • The five key ways to boost your mobile website’s speed.
  • The many factors that affect website speed–and which ones you can control.

If you want to get up to speed on this topic even faster, download the new FindLaw white paper now.

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