When Multiple Law Firm Websites Don’t Quite Cut It

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Have you ever felt like you’ve got too many plates spinning, even within just one aspect of your life? Maybe it’s a different sport for each child every night of the week, or maybe it’s too many vendors doing too many different marketing activities for you to keep them all working effectively. I work with a law firm here in Michigan that knows exactly what you’re going through.

This firm has been a happy client for years. They’ve had a website with FindLaw since back in the day and have always been someone I’ve taken pride in serving. But I wasn’t their only vendor. Until about 18 months ago, this prestigious firm’s online presence was actually spread pretty thin. They were using multiple marketing tactics with multiple vendors – including maintaining multiple unique websites.

Why? Well they had big goals.

You see, this firm has had outstanding performance in several distinct practice areas, and their attorneys had some serious credentials that were sure to drive business their way. Over time and in order to make the most of their reputation and expertise, the firm worked with a few different vendors to create different sites for their different skill sets. It made sense from a certain perspective: Each website could be highly optimized to garner search traffic and highlight the law firm’s prowess in each case type. It was like putting a Starbucks on every corner to capture as many passersby as possible.

The problem was, this strategy wasn’t sustainable and it was actually detrimental to their overall brand. They had multiple messages out on the web and each one just added to the puzzle of who they were. Compare that to their desired cases. When you’re a high-value client with a major-league case, you’ve got a lot at stake. These are people used to working with the best of the best. It was imperative that this firm present themselves at their level.

On a more practical note, the content needs of multiple websites boggles the mind as does tracking return on all these investments. Picture it. Hours upon hours spent sifting through multiple different performance reports, in multiple different formats, trying to identify which visits turned into clients, which were duplicates, and which were just passing by. And when you’re done with that, it’s probably time to update one of your blogs.

Is that why you went to law school?

The problem was obvious. This top-notch law firm was spreading their resources too thin and not getting the results they wanted. It was time to take a fresh look at their marketing strategy and see if it really made sense for their goals. They needed a strategy that sent a clear message to the nation that this law firm was among the best at serving high-end white collar clients.

Our suggestion was actually more back-to-basics than you might think. First, we suggested bringing all of that excellent web content into one consolidated website. The days of working with competing vendors and sometimes incompatible philosophies were over. I’ll admit, this was easier said than done.

A lot of work went into deciding what to keep, what to cut and what to modify in light of this new strategy. As you can guess, the switchover didn’t exactly happen overnight. Bringing that many websites and that much content into one centralized location, and doing it in a way that would make sense, took months. But with the full weight of FindLaw’s expertise in their corner, the consolidation from many websites to one was underway.

Today, this firm has an outstanding online marketing program.

Their flagship web presence plays well with mobile and desktop screens and features an active blog that further builds their brand about every other week. Their content is optimized to modern best practices and organized in such a way that this one site can do the work of all its old counterparts. Visitors are able to easily see who this firm serves and why they’re among the best. Outside of the website, this firm takes advantage of its status on the Super Lawyers list, leveraging the power of online directories in addition to their website.

Since this firm made the move, we’ve seen a rapid increase in client volume and quality – including international clients. All with one vendor, one website to manage, one call when they need us. The strategy worked.

Now unless you’re my mom Googling me again, I probably don’t know you personally. But I’ll bet you’ve got goals for your law firm that aren’t being met with your current plan. I’ll also bet there’s something FindLaw can do to help. If you’re feeling underserved or pulled in too many directions by your marketing, maybe a change is in order. Give your local FindLaw consultant a call. Your success story could be just around the corner.

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