Marketing to the Divorce Consumer: Moms and Kids

In our previous posts (here and here), we tapped recent FindLaw research and other data to reveal the best ways to reach the complex divorce market. If you’re serious about a divorce practice, one of the key facts you need to know is that two-thirds of all divorces are being filed by women.

And among these women, custody of the kids is the number-one concern during a divorce.

In fact, our research has studied incoming leads both from internal and external sources, and it suggests that there is more volume in custody than divorce. Based on the data, we conclude that attorneys can generate 25 to 75 percent more child custody leads than divorce leads both as part of a divorce case as well as after a divorce.

These days, women who file for divorce usually feel confident that they can keep their children. As we’ve noted previously, women are better educated and more career-oriented than ever before, which has led to more independence (financial and otherwise) and the ability to make an easier transition from married to unmarried life.

But needless to say, the stress level is higher for a mom who’s undergoing divorce. Since custody issues are a potential large source of leads, it pays to focus your advertising, website and other marketing materials to mothers and their worries. Some guidelines:

  • Speak directly to their concerns. Incorporating photos into your advertising and website that shows happy moms with their kids will help get attention.
  • Be nonjudgmental and present a compassionate message.
  • As with any marketing you do, your marketing copy, whether online or in print, should be specific and to the point. Make sure the consumer knows that you know what’s important to her, and that you are here to help.

Building and maintaining divorce practice requires a high level of sensitivity. And that’s especially true in reaching the “mom market.” By carefully tailoring your message to the right audience, your firm can increase its business and help more clients achieve the closure they’re looking for.

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