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I know how it feels. Thanks to the Internet, it seems as though your firm’s hard-earned reputation is in the hands of people who can hurt you with just one smart-aleck comment or a harsh online review. They don’t even need to be former clients.

Before social media and Yelp (to name just two) you could feel confident that you were in control of how your firm was perceived. And now? It feels like all of your work constructing a strong reputation can be erased by a single review that spreads like wildfire – reaching an audience a thousand times greater than traditional word-of-mouth.

That is one way to look at it. But reality simply isn’t that dire. Even when you’re not in complete control of your firm’s reputation, you can still manage it.

That’s the crux (and title) of our latest white paper, You Can’t Control Your Firm’s Reputation (But You Can Manage It). This paper features research from FindLaw as well as external sources and it paints a rosier picture of the online rating and review process than most attorneys imagine.

In my next few posts, I’ll examine some of the strategies your firm can use to put ratings, rankings and social media comments to work for you. I’ll also share some insights about Internet commenters that might surprise you.

If you’d like a more detailed synopsis of the paper, take a look at this article. This exclusive information is only available in the white paper so download your copy today.

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