Making The Case For A .Law Address

In a previous post, I explained what exactly a .law domain is, and discussed the gold rush economics that often accompany new domain releases such as this. But the bigger question for attorneys is, should I make the move to .law? The answer depends on your goals.

Your best offense is a good defense.

Possibly the strongest argument in favor of a .law domain is that if you don’t reserve “your” space, someone else could. To be fair, a branded domain for a small market law firm probably isn’t going to be targeted by the competition, but it won’t be very expensive either.

For example, if you’re a solo attorney named Dan Ciesielczyk in a small town, you’re probably not risking much if you don’t immediately register Your market size, firm size and, frankly, even the spelling of your last name make that URL undesirable to domain squatters and other attorneys alike.

On the other hand, if your law firm has a strong brand in a more competitive market, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to stake your claim early. To be fair, a Boston firm named Baker, Fallon, & Olberman probably won’t see huge traffic spikes to in the near future. But if .law domains gain traction among web users in the future, the cost to register that domain now will seem a small price to have paid for such security.

The far more urgent need to register a .law domain lies with non-branded domains. If your firm currently owns and markets using a domain like or, it’s time to take swift and decisive action. Non-branded domains that leverage geographic locations and specific practice areas are often far more valuable and competitive than branded domains. Securing their corresponding .law addresses should be a top priority for any firms currently in this position.

Getting started on .law

If your law firm is currently a FindLaw customer, first and foremost know that we have gone ahead and reserved the .law version of any of your current domains. We have worked with the domain registrar to ensure that no one else will grab your URL in the coming week. Check your email for a .law notification which links to a confirmation page where you can finalize your registration.

Not a FindLaw customer?

You can get a jump on securing open .law domains from October 12th to 18th. Note that to reserve a domain during this “early registration period,” you will need to pay an upfront reservation fee that decreases with each passing day of that week. If you have a highly competitive non-branded domain, you should give strong consideration to early registration. Starting October 19, you can purchase .law domains without paying an early reservation fee. (Realistically, Dan Ciesielczyk can probably wait until October 19 or after to lock up his new .law domain.)

What about playing offense with a .law domain?

As you can imagine, there are other scenarios and opportunities that present themselves on the .law domain. In future posts, I’ll explore how law firms can leverage a new .law web address to break new ground online or support their own offline marketing efforts.

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