Making the Case: An Integrated Approach to Law Firm Marketing

Making the Case: An Integrated Approach to Law Firm Marketing

When the best financial advisors plan a family’s investments they often start with diversification. Not only do they want the best stocks and bonds for a portfolio, but they want them spread out through different companies and industries so no one is relying too heavily on a single market.

FindLaw approaches legal marketing in a similar way. You can invest in a flashy website that relies on PPC campaigns to lure legal consumers, but those methods are expensive and may not deliver the results you’re looking for. It also ignores platforms that can build your brand affordably and effectively.

Say your marketing vendor sells you on Google page rank and strong PPC campaigns. Sounds great right? Well, the problem is that some key terms don’t correlate strong enough with calls to your office, and PPC campaigns can become expensive quickly, especially for legal terms like “DUI attorney” or “divorce.”

There’s no doubt that both a well-made website and PPC are vital to digital marketing, but they should act in harmony with an integrated strategy that consists of multiple online platforms like social media, directories and blogs.

So why does integrated marketing work?

It diversifies risk

The internet is now an integral component of global commerce, but with it comes the constant change (sometimes by the day) of a still relatively young and still developing resource. New start-ups are creating innovative methods of matching businesses with their ideal customers by leveraging the internet’s segmentation and metadata capabilities.

But these new start-ups aren’t always successful. Even the behemoths don’t always stay on top forever. There was a time when MySpace was the greatest social media platform in the world and AOL was an internet giant. Imagine if you had put your entire budget on a single one of them right before Google or Facebook arrived on the scene.

We get it. We’ve dealt with change just like your law firm. FindLaw started before the dot com bubble, when Michael Jordan was still winning NBA championships and Braveheart was the biggest movie in the world. We’ve been there as the internet has evolved. So, while new ways of marketing come into vogue, we’ve cultivated a blend of strategic expansion and reliable best practices that has proven staying power.

It aligns with legal consumer behavior

Simply put, we’ve seen legal consumers learn to research attorneys on multiple digital platforms. Oftentimes, industries like the law are slow to adopt many of the new mediums where prospects are doing their legal research, like blogs or social media.

It’s hard to know what’s a fad and what’s here to stay. That’s where’s 11 million monthly visitors, consumer surveys, market research plays a role. We stay on top of what consumers want next and how they’ll get there because we’ve measured more than two decades of online marketing trends.

It matches your budget

When many people hear a daunting term like “integrated marketing” they quickly secure their wallet not understanding that the approach actually leverages low cost options such as social media, blogs and optimized SEO to find the right prospects for your firm.

One of the benefits of marketing online is the scalability. A small law firm in Ames, Iowa can take advantage of the same sophisticated marketing as a medium size firm in Manhattan.

Since FindLaw works with attorneys across the country we know how to match your client development goals with your market and budget. Neither the internet nor law firms are one size fits all; there are opportunities to reach legal consumers no matter who you are.  

Don’t get intimidated

Digital marketing is both simple and complicated. Luckily the simple part—knowing your client’s needs, defining your brand and developing business goals—is up to you. FindLaw takes care of the nuanced technical methods of placing you in front of your prospective clients through an integrated marketing solution.That way you don’t have to rely on a flashy website and expensive PPC alone to find legal consumers looking for your firm.

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