Make Your Law Firm Marketing Work for DUI Clients

As we head into a long holiday weekend, the volume of drunk driving arrests is sure to increase. And while there is truly no “slow” season to the DUI market, there are ways to better position your firm to serve these clients. Establishing yourself as the DUI attorney to call begins with speaking to your target audience’s specific needs and questions. These three tips will help you make your law firm’s marketing work.

  1. Convey the Urgency of the Situation.
    Be direct and upfront about the seriousness of their situation while assuring them that good legal representation is of the utmost importance.If possible, use sobering statistics that show what penalties a DUI offender can expect in your state, including the incidence and length of jail time, compared to the penalties negotiated for your firm’s clients.Convey that you will expertly guide them through the legal process and do your best to minimize any and all DUI penalties, from jail time and license suspensions to fines and other expenses.
  2. Answer Their Most Burning Questions.
    Our research has shown that most individuals arrested for DUI share many common questions. You probably know these instinctively, but the better you tailor your marketing to address these unknowns, the better your response rate will be.

    • What penalties am I facing?
      • Am I going to have to go to jail?
      • How long will I be without my driver’s license?
      • How will I get to work?
      • Is an ignition interlock going to be required?
    • What are the specific laws in my state?
      • Can I get a DUI if I refuse to participate in a breathalyzer test/was sleeping in the car/was not actually driving?
      • What is the legal blood alcohol limit here?
      • Are there special programs for first-time offenders?
    • How much is it going to cost?
      • How much will the fines be?
      • How much will additional penalties like ignition interlock and alcohol awareness classes cost?
      • How much will it cost to hire a lawyer?
      • What impact will a DUI have on my insurance?
    • What can I do to fight it?
      • How can I beat a DUI?
      • What specifically can you do to help me fight this DUI?
    • What happens next?
      • What is the court process?
      • How long does it take?
  1. Share Your Expertise in Public Forums.
    Go on local radio shows to thoroughly explain the legal process for DUI offenders. Sign up as a DUI legal expert on Help a Reporter Out ( so reporters will contact you for quotes. Frequently update your firm’s social media sites and engage in online conversations with consumers.

Finally, remember that establishing your market presence and expertise is a long game. You can’t just modify your law practice’s website or toss out a blog post or two and watch the new clients come rolling in immediately. If you’re serious about positioning your law firm in this market, the time to get started is now.

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