Looking Back At Our Top Posts from 2017

Looking Back At Our Top Posts from 2017

The time has come to evaluate your digital marketing performance for the year. Take a look back and discover what was successful, what needs a little boost next year and what to drop completely in 2018. When the year ends, we here at FindLaw do the same. We comb through our 2017 blog posts to find what resonated with attorneys and, hopefully, better understand their biggest concerns.

We had a little fun this year, talked a little sport and focused on the priorities of solo attorneys that may struggle with their budget. So, let’s take a last look back at the most popular posts of this year and see what your peers felt was worth reading.

  1. “The Internet is Moving the Goalposts for Everyone (Including Lawyers)”
    If you want to know how influential the internet has become to consumers, look no further than sports. The effect digital media has had on football, and its associated broadcast partners, has been simply astonishing and, in some cases, quite disruptive.
    The Marketing Lesson
    : The internet will continue to disrupt legal marketing, even for small law firms. Learn from the business of sports – it’s time to adapt to a new medium.
  1. “Money Saving Tips for Your Solo Law Firm”
    Jordan Schuetzle dives into ways solo attorneys can market their firm without breaking the bank. Unsurprisingly, his advice involves a lot of old-fashioned networking and even a bit of pavement pounding, but always with an eye towards how your work (online and off) reflects back on your law firm’s digital presence.
    The Marketing Lesson
    : Even a solo attorney on a budget can attract legal consumers. Often, the solution lies in balancing online and offline tactics to gain maximum exposure through minimal cost.
  1. “Watch Caddyshack, Then Watch Your Law Firm’s Performance”
    Caddyshack isn’t just a quotable movie. Aaron Hareid shows how Ty Webb’s casual attitude towards his golf performance can teach attorneys what not to do. Specifically, ignore the performance of their digital marketing programs.
    The Marketing Lesson
    : Pay attention. Learn what to look for and don’t get distracted by mere activities. When it’s your firm’s bottom line at stake, outcomes matter more.
  1. “Five Tech Helpers that Can Make an Attorney’s Life Easier”
    Not all advancements in technology are game changers or paradigm shifts. Sometimes, minor tweaks to your law firm’s processes or technology can feel like major improvements. In this post, we collected a few of our favorite tech innovations to simplify your day.
    The Marketing Lesson: There are ways to make your life easier—say new tech or simple social media ads—so you can spend more time focusing on the law.

Looking at these posts and the topics they covered, it’s not surprising to see why they were among our most read. While the modern web is always changing in one way or another, some topics never go out of style. Attorneys, solo and small firm alike, are still looking to get their arms around finances, technology and marketing performance.

Oh, and sports. Everyone loves reading about sports.

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