Legal Consumer Trends: Search and Employ

As we’ve noted, once people understand that they’re facing a legal need, they move quickly to find an attorney.

And thanks to the Internet, they can simultaneously search for and evaluate potential legal representation—thus helping them move even faster.

What does this mean for your firm? According to FindLaw’s new white paper on legal consumer behavior, these consumers want validation that you’re the right choice, and they typically look for that validation in multiple places. They’re evaluating your firm based on many criteria, but some of the most important are these:

  • Trustworthiness. Can they rely on you to handle a sensitive matter?
  • Location. Are you nearby?
  • Experience. Is your firm’s practice relevant to their needs?
  • Recommendations. What experiences have others had with you? Those “others” could be friends, family members and colleagues. They also are looking at what others are saying on social media, review sites and other online venues.

Since legal consumers move quickly during this discovery and evaluation process, you need to be ready to prove your credibility.

As the paper reveals, consumers are conducting their research across multiple platforms online and in “real life.” Because of this, it’s not always easy to predict the path consumers will take. Therefore it’s critical that your firm employ a dynamic, integrated marketing strategy. An integrated strategy creates a highly visible online presence for your firm in multiple venues. This allows consumers to discover you regardless of the methods they prefer.

But it’s actually one-two punch: presence and prestige. To gain their business, you have to think beyond simply being found online. Today’s law firms need to combine their visibility marketing with meaningful efforts to pass muster at the same time.

If your marketing strategy checks both of these boxes, chances are consumers will choose to call you.

Once that happens, the client is practically yours to lose. But that’s a topic for our next post. Until then, you can get the whole story by downloading the white paper today.

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