Taking The Sales High Road With Your Legal Blog

What’s the difference between the stereotype of a used car salesperson and Elon Musk? Both want the same thing—you driving their car—though their approaches are noticeably different. We think of folks selling used cars as pushy, while Musk spends his time teaching us about the value a Tesla provides for both you and the economy. Who makes you feel more comfortable?

Want to teach instead of push? A well written and maintained legal blog gives you a platform to reach out to online consumers who need an attorney. A blog addresses their issues while enhancing your SEO campaign. Here’s how it works.

Focusing on Long-Tail Searches

Google, and sites like it, prioritize engaging and original content, and quality blogs fulfill that need. So give the search engines what they want by considering what questions are important to your prospective clients and germane to your practice area. Once you’ve identified those issues, you’re ready to start creating content. For criminal law this could mean informing people how to work with bail bonds companies. Family law attorneys could share what documents a couple would need to file for adoption. Practice areas are complex and the topics you can cover are numerous.

It’s ok to be specific. Long-tail searches make up about a third of online searches. This means that instead of looking for a “DUI lawyer in Miami Beach,” consumers are looking for “what happens if you refuse a breathalyzer.” Your blog will help consumers find you when they are using long-tail searches by providing keyword rich original content.

The Soft Sell

Remember that blogs are meant to be a low-pressure method of selling consumers on your firm by convincing them of your expertise and understanding of their legal issue. The old Hollywood adage that a movie should “show rather than tell” works wonders in appealing to prospects. Instead of aggressively telling someone to call you, show them why you’re the firm they should trust by building that relationship through your blog.


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