Law Firm Snowed In? Blog About It!

Law firm snowed in? Blog about it!

As you may have heard, the eastern half of the U.S. is currently getting slammed, hammered, buried, inundated and pounded with a massive snowstorm. While personal safety is obviously priority one, some of you might be left wondering what to do with yourselves while away from the office. As it happens, a snow day is an excellent opportunity to put your law firm marketing hat on and make the most of the inconvenience.

Snap and share

If snow and ice have made your office look like a winter wonderland, grab some photos and share them online. Swapping out your law firm’s Facebook banner is simple and your sign or doorway with a blanket of snow on top is whimsical without being unprofessional. It’s not a huge change but it makes your firm more approachable and highlights its presence in the community. (Just don’t forget to change the image back when spring arrives.)

Give advice

We’ve talked about planning ahead for opportunities in the past, and the time has come. If you don’t already have a blog post on-hand that outlines what steps to take in the event of an auto accident, get writing! Compose, edit, post and tweet. Creating valuable relevant content really can be that easy. Once you’re finished, think spring. Surely there are seasonal legal issues you can write about now, then save for a later date. You’ll be ahead of the competition the next time opportunity knocks.

Freshen up

Is it time to take another look at your online bio, attorney headshot or other stale content on your website? Time spent outside of meetings and away from the office is perfect for doing those minor updates that always sink to the bottom of your to-do list. For tips on what to do, and what to avoid, check out these posts on attorney headshots and online biographies.

Brush up…

…on your legal marketing skills. If you haven’t downloaded our free playbook Legal Marketing 101: A Guide for Small Law Firms already, why not give it a read this afternoon. It’s a valuable resource for the attorney who could use an introduction to, or refresher course on, the basics of marketing your legal services.

Warm and safe thoughts to all of our readers, particularly those out east.

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