Is TV Dead? Not for Law Firms


Picture1-300x208“TV is dead” is a common refrain heard in marketing circles where the edgiest ideas often get the most attention. It’s not surprising if you look at the anecdotal evidence. Between iPads, smartphones, mobile apps and the proliferation of new media, how does anyone have time to watch TV and why would advertisers waste their money on the medium?

However, for small businesses like law firms, TV still has great power. TV connects with viewers and is an effective way for your firm to reach out directly to prospective clients. Online marketing efforts have also found a powerful partner in TV, one that drives qualified traffic to websites.

Peeling back the layers and looking at the real facts reveals a compelling story. Here are three reasons why TV is alive and well:

1. TV is prolific. According to Nielsen, there are about two and a half TVs in the average American home – and they’re being used. A typical viewer consumes more than 35 hours of TV a week. Despite the presence of DVRs and other “time-shifting” viewing devices, most people still watch and pay attention to commercials. For law firms, the message is clear: TV audiences are there and engaged.

2. TV ads are credible. Viewers still choose and prefer the familiarity and quality of television advertising. A recent Microsoft survey found that 76 percent of multi-screen consumers are receptive to advertising on TV – compared to 57 percent on computers and 51 percent on tablets.

That’s not all: A 2013 study by Adobe found that many consumers can be distracted by online ads. Meanwhile, two-thirds stated that TV advertising affects their buying decisions more than online marketing.

For the majority of viewers – especially those in the market for professional services that your firm provides – TV advertising brings a level of comfort and trustworthiness that can’t be bested by other electronic media.

3. TV + online = recognition. An online presence in the form of a law firm website is becoming more and more adopted by attorneys. While that website may be the primary tool to reach prospects, it’s still one piece of a firm’s overall marketing portfolio. TV advertising, in tandem with a website packs a powerful punch. The consulting firm Accenture reports that more than three-quarters of viewers have a tablet or laptop handy while they’re watching TV. A TV ad that directs viewers to your firm’s website can fill your inbox with qualified leads. In fact, a mix of TV and online efforts almost doubles your recognition and contacts from potential clients, according to a FindLaw Comparison Study.

Also consider the “soft” benefits of TV advertising: Your name and face on TV, describing what you can do for clients, plants your expertise in the minds of viewers. When that viewer has a legal issue and is in a time of stress and need, your reassuring advertisement can go a long way. It’s a medium that provides a human touch like no other – and one that still reaches the masses, despite what others say.

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