Integrated Marketing: Get It Together or Get Left Behind

This overview of Integrated Marketing is an excerpt from Legal Marketing 101: A Guide For Small Law Firms. This free playbook from FindLaw provides useful insight into several core marketing concepts that every attorney should understand. To download a copy for yourself, click here.

Mktg101_Chapter1-300x234Odds are, you’ve encountered the term integrated marketing before. If it sounded like a buzzword, that’s understandable. But the idea has merit and it’s an important one for small law firms to understand. Thankfully, integrated marketing is aptly named – it’s a unified approach to marketing where multiple tactics work together. Complementary tactics are specifically chosen to ensure consistent messaging across multiple channels.

This concept has merit when you consider that most consumers need to hear a message seven times before it takes hold. Achieving that level of saturation used to take a lot of time and money. But in today’s world, sophisticated online tools have made integrated marketing much more affordable. And faced with an increasingly savvy public, small law firms owe it to themselves to take advantage of this opportunity. But before you dive into a list of tactics, define some goals.

Start at the Finish Line
Many small firms map out what sound like goals but are really just cookie cutter objectives like “increase revenue” or “build awareness.” Instead, aim for specific, measurable goals like increasing your total number of leads (email, phone call, chat inquiries) by 15 percent over the next six months.

Define Your Audience
Next, you need to identify your audience. Your practice area will certainly play a role here, but try to refine this even further. Consider location, demographics and even psychological traits. Think about past clients – their characteristics should affect what marketing tactics you choose.

Choose Complementary Tactics
Now that your pre-work is completed, it’s time to talk about tactics. This is where you select from the laundry list of online marketing options, print ads and traditional media. Choose tactics that work together to reinforce your message across multiple touch points. The right combination will be different for every firm depending on practice area, budget, audience, goals and even geography.

Control Your Voice
Maintain a consistent look, feel and tone throughout your campaign. Consumers see countless ads every day in a variety of contexts. To be effective, a person who is exposed to your newspaper ad on Sunday should recognize you when they read your blog post on Tuesday or explore your LinkedIn page on Wednesday.

Think Forests, Not Trees
Managing an integrated marketing campaign is complex, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s difficult. In fact, many law firms already experience success executing marketing tactics that get results without a coherent strategy. They might think integrating their work is too much for them to handle or they’re reluctant to change a tactic that has always performed well.

With a measure of thoughtfulness up front, however, any firm can set up and manage a multi-faceted campaign that aligns with their goals and abilities. What sets a savvy firm apart is an understanding of how these tactics work together and a willingness to put it all into place.

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