Integrated Marketing At Any Scale

If you’ve been following this blog (or really any other part of this website) for the past year, you’ve probably noticed a shift. We started talking less about single-tactic marketing strategies and more about an integrated approach to law firm marketing.

The reasoning behind this is simple:

We believe marketing works best when it works together.

Paid advertising brings visibility to your website, where great content and a compelling design send the message that your firm is the right choice. And on the tail end, round-the-clock chat makes sure that you never miss another client opportunity. Every one of these tactics is important, but they’re at their best when supported by each other.

It’s not a hard concept to grasp. But I’ll admit that no solution is a perfect fit for every firm. What works for the partners at Jacobs & Myerby may be overkill for a solo attorney like Mary Callahan, yet not nearly enough to cover the broad ambitions of Williams, Baker, Collins & Gregory.

All of which brings me to this: FindLaw now offers Integrated Marketing Solutions in a variety of sizes to suit your firm’s goals and marketing budget.

  • Firms operating in competitive markets that want fully customized websites, deep content resources and active social media marketing should choose our original Integrated Marketing Suite.
  • Firms with similar ambitions but wanting something slightly less comprehensive need look no further than Integrated Marketing Essentials.
  • Meanwhile, those firms looking to expand their online presence by dipping their toes in the well of content marketing will be happy with Integrated Marketing Catalyst.
  • And for firms who simply want to establish themselves online and start seeing real value from their marketing, Integrated Marketing Presence delivers.

We really believe in the philosophy behind Integrated Marketing Solutions, and we’ve already seen positive results for our clients. We want to bring these results to every law firm who wants them. So take a look at your firm’s goals and see if your current marketing is working together like it should.

I’m confident that you’ll find the outcomes you’re looking for with an integrated strategy from FindLaw.

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