Ignoring Bing? You’re Ignoring 50 Million Potential Clients.

Don’t think Google or Bing. Think Google and Bing.

It’s easy to pick on Microsoft. The former top dog just doesn’t have much of a cool factor in the public eye. Especially when held up against hotter brands like Google, Apple, Amazon and the like.

But what about Bing?

Article_BingPPC_102615-300x200Some folks may say that Microsoft matters less than it used to. But when it comes to law firm marketing, Bing matters more than you might think.

Consider this: Bing accounts for 33 percent of search on the web and boasts an exclusive user base of 50 million people. These are potential legal consumers who simply do not use Google. If your SEO and PPC campaigns ignore Bing, your law firm marketing efforts are ignoring these 50 million web users.

It’s not just bing.com either. Bing search is baked into Windows 10, Windows Phone, Xbox, MS Office and Cortana – Microsoft’s Siri-like virtual assistant. Bing also powers searches on yahoo.com along with all those “connected” cars and trucks from Ford.

Who are these people?

Because Microsoft has worked to integrate Bing search into so many of their devices, Bing is most popular among those who aren’t tech tinkerers. Think about it this way: Who is more likely to tweak their default settings or install different browsers, Millennials or Baby Boomers?

That might sound pejorative, but it’s not to say that Bing users are under-educated or ignorant. They’re simply casual about which engine powers their searches. For a large swath of the web’s users, Bing results are perfectly acceptable.

Your law firm can’t ignore this.

The bottom line is, don’t dismiss Bing – it’s worth your time. And one of the best ways to make hay on the number two search engine today is with PPC or, as they call it, Bing Ads. Think of it this way, you’ve combined Google AdWords with your SEO efforts in order to fill in the gaps left by organic search. Using Bing Ads is logical to address another 33 percent of web searchers.

And here’s the best part:

  1. The keywords are often cheaper. Depending on your market, you may see an average price for legal keywords significantly lower than what you’re used to.
  2. The targeting is outstanding. Bing actually has some of the most sophisticated targeting options in paid advertising, allowing you to home in on the most relevant audience for your firm.
  3. The rules are the same. Google’s PPC structure and rules are identical to those used by Bing. So if you know how to set up a PPC campaign on the former, moving to the latter doesn’t require a trip back to school.

What’s the catch?

  1. The keywords don’t perform the same. Remember that Bing users aren’t necessarily the same as Google users. They’re demographically different and as a result, they search differently. To perform on Bing, your PPC campaigns may need to target different keywords than their Google counterparts.
  2. Bing PPC is still an environment where you get out what you put in. This means that shuffling a portion of your funds from a Google AdWords campaign over to a Bing PPC campaign is likely going to deliver poor results for both. If you want to run paid search advertising on Bing and Google, you’ll need to fully fund both campaigns.

How to get started with PPC on Bing.

If you’re already running your own Google AdWords campaign, bringing Bing Ads into the fold is technically easy. There’s a helpful tutorial available here. But remember, the settings might look the same, but the audience you’re targeting is subtly different. Don’t expect perfect performance right away.

FindLaw customers who want to add Bing Ads to their marketing portfolio are in luck. Our in-house PPC experts are able to transfer their knowledge and skills to Bing Ads whenever you’re ready. Reach out to us today to talk about your options.

Remember, 50 million web users are on Bing right now. Is your web marketing reaching them?

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