How to stay on top of legal marketing trends

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Search engines are constantly evolving to provide relevant information to users, including legal consumers. In fact, Google is consistently making big changes to its ranking methods. This could impact how you appear in search results, so it’s important to update your marketing strategies.

To adapt to the changes Google is constantly making, your organization will need to revise its legal marketing strategy. Your strategy is how you are communicating with consumers and promoting your firm. Having a good strategy can help you rank higher in search results and help clients find you easily.

Since altering your strategy is necessary, but also challenging and time-consuming, consider partnering with a digital strategist. When updating your strategy, the main things to look at are your SEO, paid advertising, and local SEO tactics.

Enhance your website with back-end SEO

Google’s update will impact which websites appear higher in search results compared to others. Specifically, a site may rank higher in search results if users to have a positive experience with it. Think about how some websites load quickly but others make you wait. You have a better experience with the site that loads faster.

Additionally, a site will be higher in search results if an element is stable as it loads. Imagine a button you attempt to press on a webpage suddenly shifts downward. Since the button moved to a different place than expected, it’s an unstable element. You likely wouldn’t have a good experience on that site so Google won’t rank it high up in the results.

Use SEO to update your website based on these areas. Specifically, see if you can improve:

  • Page speed: The longer web pages load, the more people will leave your site. Check out your page’s load time using these resources.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Since we’re constantly getting information on the go, make sure your site looks good and loads well for mobile devices. Use Google’s own tool to see if your page is mobile-friendly.
  • Images: Using the right quality and size of images can help them be more stable when loading. Take a look at how Google recommends you optimize these elements.

Updating these factors will help Google see your site as user-friendly, promoting it higher in search results.

Use paid advertising to get noticed

Your firm will get seen by more people if paid advertising is used within your marketing strategy. This is because these ads usually appear at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). As a legal professional, there are three common types of paid ads to consider:

  • Pay-per-click: You pay every time someone clicks on your ad. This is beneficial because you are only paying if a user takes action on your content.
  • Directory listings: Many legal consumers use directories to find help, which means that legal directories get your name in front of new clients. Consider paying for your firm to be higher on the list.
  • Paid social ads: Organic social strategies don’t get shown to as many people as you may think, so it’s better to pay. Luckily, paid ads are a good way to affordably boost brand awareness.

Update your local SEO strategy

Another way to keep up with legal marketing trends is to use local SEO strategies. Doing so will help you rank higher when people search “law firms near me.” More specifically, you may come up in Google’s local 3-pack. These are the top three results highlighted on the screen.

To increase your chances of being in the local 3-pack, do the following:

  • Create a Google My Business profile and make sure it’s complete with as much information as possible
  • Publish Google posts like pictures, events, and offers to increase your online presence
  • Include customer reviews to let Google know that your organization is trustworthy and should be shown to more people

With Google’s upcoming changes, it’s a good time to see if you can update your marketing strategy. If you don’t have the resources to allocate to these efforts, or if you just want extra support, check out our integrated marketing solutions. Our plans come with a personalized approach that will help you optimize your digital presence easily and efficiently.

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