How To Build Client Trust In A Matter Of Clicks

Gaining your audience’s trust is an essential part of converting fast-paced legal consumers into clients. But it raises the question, how do you get people to trust you when they’re moving so quickly?

Thankfully, the answer isn’t particularly complicated. Just remember that consumers are affected by a number of different factors during the buying process.

First – Show your skills

The first and most commonly cited factor is your expertise in a particular field of law. Before anything else, people considering you as their lawyer want to know that you know what you’re doing.

The good news is lawyers are already pretty good at talking about their expertise. Your website, LinkedIn profile, attorney bio and so forth already have some language that speaks to your legal prowess, right? That’s perfect. Take a moment and make sure you’ve struck the right balance in these areas before moving on to the next step.

Second – Show some heart

Step 2 is about revealing your compassion to future clients. Send the message that you truly care about them and understand their circumstances. This doesn’t have to be hard. Just use clear simple language that explains the personal connection you make with your clients.

But don’t simply pour out a large dose of sympathy. Blanket reassurances that “everything will be ok” might sound great to you, but consumers won’t be fooled. Treat your potential clients in an open and straightforward manner from the start. You’ll be laying the groundwork for a trustworthy relationship right out of the gate.

For both of these examples, it’s important to consider the best channel for conveying their messages. Online reviews are great for showing client satisfaction with your practice and carry more weight than most attorneys believe. In contrast, a video testimonial wherein a client expresses their gratitude can connect with people in a way that a 50-word review can’t hope to match.

So put yourself in your clients shoes and take a look at your own online presence. Then ask yourself, “Would I trust this firm?” If the answer is anything other than “yes” it’s time to take action.

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