How to Be a Successful Legal Blogger

Writing a legal blog is a superb way to market your practice. It can boost your firm’s credibility among your peers and potential clients, and it can boost your visibility online.

So what are the strategies for crafting a good legal blog—one that will get read? Here are some tips, gleaned from the practices of successful legal bloggers:

  • Write for non-lawyers.
    Most likely, you’re addressing potential clients. So eschew obfuscatory legal jargon. Write knowledgeably but concisely. Think of blogging as part of a conversation.
  • Stick to legal topics.
    A legal blog isn’t a soapbox. Avoid controversial issues unless they overlap with your practice. Even then, stick to insights that your audience would find helpful. Focus your posts on topics that reflect your expertise. Make your blog’s content valuable to your readers.
  • Make blogging a habit.
    If you post irregularly or sporadically, you’ll lose the interest of readers and search engines. You don’t have to write long posts, or post every day. Identify a frequency that you can commit to, and stick to it.
  • Spread the word.
    Writing a blog promotes your firm only if you promote your blog. One approach: Add a social media presence to your marketing strategy. Posting on, say, Facebook at the same time you post your blog entries will help let the world know that you have something interesting and useful to say.

To learn more about successfully incorporating blogging (as well as video and social media) in your firm’s marketing mix, download a free copy of Legal Marketing 103, available here.

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