How healthy is your law firm’s brand?

Building a law firm brand is an ongoing, multi-step and multi-channel process that takes a lot of time and effort to properly execute. Brands are living, breathing entities that need to be nurtured. They also need to adapt and change as your firm’s goals evolve.

Do you know if your current law firm brand is strong? The following are three ways to help you assess the overall health and success of your firm’s current brand strategy:

What do new clients say about your firm?

New clients can serve as a barometer of the health and success of your law firm’s brand. As part of your client intake process, regularly collect feedback and ask new clients what attracted them to your firm and what ultimately made them pick up the phone and contact you (or, more likely, click to call). Questions including “How did you hear about us?” and “What made you interested in working with me?” should be asked during your intake process. If clients’ answers align with your key brand messages, good work! This means your messaging is on target and your brand is strong. If, however, clients seem confused or provide answers that don’t align with your current brand strategy, it’s likely an indication that your key brand messages need some re-calibrating.

What story do the numbers tell?

Reviewing key metrics can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your firm’s marketing program. Track how much time and money you spend on various marketing efforts and the related outcomes—both the positive and negative. For example, keep track of how many likes a recent promoted Facebook post yielded or how many website visits can be attributed to a pay-per-click campaign. Review the results of your marketing efforts at least once per quarter and pay attention to the story the numbers tell. Alternatively, if you work with a legal marketing vendor, that vendor should be able to provide base-level statistics on how many people visited your website and how many impressions your social media posts generated. Regardless of whether you run your own marketing campaigns or rely on a vendor, don’t discount the importance of context. Numbers can tell you a lot, but they don’t tell you everything. Are there other factors that may be influencing or skewing your results? Numbers and analytics must always be viewed through a discerning and informed lens.

What’s your honest assessment of your brand’s health?

Once you’ve implemented a new client feedback process and are regularly reviewing your performance numbers—it’s time to personally evaluate how you think your brand is doing. Are you happy with your client feedback, website traffic and social media performance? If so, you may make the business decision to hold steady or you may realize that it’s the perfect time to double-down and invest more heavily in specific marketing tactics. Your brand strategy is part of your overall business plan and must therefore be adjusted according to business and market changes.

Much like you exercise to sustain your personal health or perform routine repairs on your vehicle—you need to make time to assess and maintain your firm’s brand. Regularly evaluating and adjusting your brand strategy, helps you confirm where you’re doing well and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Download the playbook “What Clients Are Saying About You Behind Your Back,” to explore the concept of brand development in greater detail.





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