Here’s Your Spring Cleaning Task List for Law Firms

For some folks, spring is simply a mild transition. Cool weather subsides and the consistent warmth of summer takes hold. For others, the advent of spring is practically euphoric as the snowbound masses head back out into the world for the first time in months.

For your law firm, spring should mean hard work. There are basic tasks that need doing right now. Not because they relate to the season itself, but because tying your maintenance to calendar transitions is a smart way of ensuring they get done. (Like changing your smoke alarm batteries every Daylight Savings switch.)

So put on your digital work boots and dig into this legal marketing to-do list.

  1. Clean up your graphics. If you have an outdated headshot or your staff photo isn’t an accurate representation of your team, it’s time to schedule a re-shoot. Likewise, if you changed your website or social media imagery to reflect the season but haven’t been back to update it now that the snow is gone, correct that immediately. Your firm cannot afford the digital equivalent of leaving your Christmas lights up until July.
  2. Check your website copy. When did you write your home page? Odds are, it wasn’t last week. Maybe your business has changed, maybe you’ve expanded into new practice areas or maybe you’ve found a message that resonates more effectively with your clients. Whatever the change, if it’s important enough to make a difference in the real works, it’s important enough to be updated online.
  3. Freshen up your attorney biography. We’ve said plenty about this in recent blog posts here and here. Suffice it to say, if there’s dust on your nameplate, your bio could use a refresh too.
  4. Check your stats. Spring is a great time to take stock. Look back at your New Year’s resolutions and be honest about your performance. It might not feel like it every day, but your business is fast approaching the second half of the year. Gather yourself now and head into the turn with a renewed purpose and determination.

Sometimes running a small law firm is about breaking new ground and trying something completely different than before. Sometimes it’s about maintenance and performance. As you open up the windows and shake out the cobwebs at home, be sure to do the same for your business as well.

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