It’s Go Time: Maximizing Facebook for Your Law Firm

We all use Facebook to keep tabs on our college roommates and see what everyone is doing for summer vacation. Given its entertainment value, attorneys could be forgiven for not realizing Facebook is the powerful marketing tool that it is.

Consider these facts:

Furthermore, Facebook leads the pack of social platforms in terms of being able to customize an audience – age, occupation, interests, location – for paid social promotion.

In other words, Facebook isn’t just a platform for looking at your sister-in-law’s vacation photos. It’s an excellent way to make sure a key message gets to the right audience at the right time.

Now, a tool with such a wide user base and unparalleled targeting capabilities must be fairly expensive, right? Not so. Based on a review of thousands of law firm accounts, FindLaw’s data shows the average cost to get a message to 1,000 targeted users falls between $10 and $15. That works out to about one cent per impression.

Facebook’s inexpensive, sophisticated targeting can work wonders, but it needs just a little input from you before it can go to work. Here are three general tips that will help you lay the groundwork for using Facebook to attract new clients:

  • Consider the message: It isn’t necessary, or even advisable, to pay to promote your law firm’s every post. Spend a little time thinking about what the key messages are for your firm and plan to feature those.
  • Consider the audience: Facebook can offer you just about anything, so try to think of your ideal client. What is this client’s income level, and how old is he or she? How far do you think your clients are willing to travel to see an attorney? That may affect the geographic scope of your targeting. Creating a mental blueprint of the sort of client you want will help you target Facebook users effectively.
  • Consider the frequency: You don’t want to inundate your audience with the same message over and over again. Try to devise a rhythm for your paid Facebook posts, and consider variations on the same theme of your most important marketing messages.

The last thing to know about using Facebook to help market your law firm is the potential of its affordable, highly targeted message capabilities won’t last forever. At present, your competitors have not taken full advantage of it. If you’re going to do so (and you should), the time to start is now.


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