Getting The Most Out of Your Law Firm’s Mobile Website

Two phones showing a desktop vs. mobile optimized websiteDoes your law firm have a mobile version of its website? Do you know how many customers or phone calls it typically generates? Have you checked its analytics lately? One law firm took the time to evaluate their website’s performance and discovered a troubling discrepancy. The firm had a mobile website that received plenty of traffic, but the number of contacts from mobile users just didn’t add up.

How large was the problem? No one could say for certain, but considering that 31 percent of online legal traffic comes from mobile search, the number of missed opportunities could have been substantial. Obviously, a closer look at the data was warranted. It turned out that the law firm’s mobile website had an abnormally high bounce rate. Rather than contacting the firm by phone or email, users were visiting on their mobile devices and leaving quickly. The mobile site wasn’t doing its job.

The firm implemented several changes to improve performance:

  • Action buttons replaced a text-heavy home page and were given top position on screen
  • Buttons encouraging visitors to “call” and “contact” were prominently displayed
  • Other action buttons were reordered to support mobile visitors’ intent
  • An “en español” button was added to reach the Hispanic market within the firm’s area. (This change was particularly important for the firm since this demographic had demonstrated a propensity to use mobile devices for web browsing.)

With these changes in place, the results soon became clear: The firm’s mobile website bounce rate diminished by 7.8 percent over the previous version. Additionally, the number of page views increased by 16 percent and the amount of time visitors spent on the website went up nearly 35 percent. Clearly, mobile visitors were more engaged and took the time to view more of the content on the law firm’s website.

Not only were less visitors turning away, the website was obviously delivering an increased amount of contacts to the law firm. The volume of telephone calls generated by the revised mobile website increased significantly. In fact, the updated mobile click-to-call conversion percentage now sat at 41.1 percent – a 30.4 percent increase over the previous mobile website design. With a few usability tweaks, four out of 10 visitors to the firm’s mobile website now chose to call the firm directly from their devices.

There’s a distinction to be drawn here between a mobile-enabled website and a mobile-optimized website. Simply modifying their current website for display on a mobile screen was not enough to be effective for this law firm. They needed to place a greater emphasis on mobile usability and contact options. This allowed the firm to deliver an exceptional mobile experience to their visitors, in-turn creating an increased pool of leads.

Don’t fall behind the curve in adopting a mobile-optimized website. It’s time to adapt, and FindLaw can help. With Findlaw’s Mobile Solutions, potential clients will have faster access to your website, a more simplified contact process, and a better overall web experience. To learn more about how FindLaw can help your firm capitalize on today’s new mobile consumer, contact us for a free consultation.

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