Learn how Consumers are Really Searching for Law Firms

If you’re like many attorneys, you have some set notions about how attorney-seekers find your law firm online. Namely, that ranking high on Google’s search results for short phrases such as “Chicago DUI attorney” is the silver bullet that will deliver a steady stream of business. However, according to a FindLaw white paper and study, the way attorneys are found is deeper than that.

The good news? After you understand how consumers are searching for law firms, you can take some simple steps to accommodate their behaviors.

That’s the topic of our next free webcast, Thinking Big: Better Leveraging Search – and More – to Supercharge Your Firm’s Marketing Efforts. It takes place on Wednesday, March 26th and there are two sessions to choose from. Register for the 1 p.m. CT session here and the 3 p.m. CT session here.

In the webcast, you’ll learn what “long-tail” searches are and how you should focus your SEO efforts on them. Consumers are becoming more specific in their searches and typing in detailed phrases like “Chicago motorcycle second DUI lost license.” It’s all based on the findings of an unprecedented study of thousands of law firm websites and millions of search visits. Presenting will be Mark Jacobsen, FindLaw’s Senior Director of Strategic Development and Thought Leadership.

Mark will also cover:

  • The role of social media in being found online
  • How to build your local online presence
  • Why you can’t ignore mobile when it comes to search

So if you’d like to better understand the behavior of legal consumers and what you can do to get in front of them, join us for this free, informative session.

Wednesday, March 26th
1 p.m. CT
3 p.m. CT

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