Four Ways to Put Your Firm’s Best Face on Facebook

So you’ve made the effort to plunge your law firm into social media and started a Facebook business page. Now comes the hard part – posting and making it work.


Social media can help you reach new clients and extend your influence in your community in powerful ways. Of all platforms, Facebook is the most broadly used and the easiest to manage. You can post photographs, interesting articles and links to your website pages. You can show a human side of your firm that other traditional mediums can’t.

But while a Facebook presence is easy to maintain, it’s also easy to get wrong. You need to be thoughtful about how you manage it. With that in mind, here are some basic tips for attracting and keeping your Facebook fans:

Use your cover photo
We’re referring here to the prominent space at the top of your Facebook page. Since digital visitors are scouring the Internet faster and faster, your photo needs to stand out. If your office location is notably attractive or distinctive, you can put up a photograph of it there. Another option, of course, is a group shot of your firm’s attorneys. Whatever option you choose, it’s worth it to use a professional photographer. Have them shoot your office the next time you’re getting headshots for your attorneys.

Give visitors the inside story of your practice
Post photos of what you and your colleagues do inside the office. The goal here is giving potential clients a feeling of what your office and your colleagues are like. Remember, for most would-be clients, contacting an attorney can be an intimidating experience. Giving them an inside look helps make you more approachable.

Post regularly—but not too much
Whether you’re posting photos or links or your own thoughts and observations on points of law, don’t overwhelm your followers with too many posts. People will tune you out. Posting a few times a day is probably best. And don’t simply dash off a post—think carefully about what you want to say, and check spelling and grammar before you hit “Post.”

As your page gets more visitors, you’ll see more comments on items you’ve posted or questions asked. Don’t ignore any of these. The more you respond directly, the more visitors will be to engage your services. You’ll show yourself to be knowledgeable, accessible and caring.

Another point: Be consistent with your brand. Though Facebook has its own format, you should use logos and colors that match the look and feel of your brochures, website and other marketing materials. Doing so will make it easier for visitors to understand your firm and remember it.

There’s much more to Facebook, particularly visitor tracking and other measurements. No need to be concerned about those now. These tips should keep you afloat very nicely.

If you would like to learn more about how FindLaw can help with social media solutions, please contact us for a free legal marketing consultation.

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