Four Ways to Make Sure Your Firm’s Website is Doing Its Job

Think of your firm’s website as your store. True, you’re not selling retail wares. But like a good retailer, you need to entice visitors to stop in and look around. In many cases, your website is your first contact between your firm and potential clients.

Most likely, you wouldn’t patronize a store that had dusty merchandise, light fixtures without functioning bulbs or tubes or a clerk who seems uninterested in your presence. Likewise, potential clients will be driven to another firm’s website if yours has broken links, displays incorrect or inaccurate information or simply looks out of date. It will make your firm look, well, a little shabby—even when your practice is strong and your physical offices are tasteful.

Store customers want to feel welcomed and want to believe that someone cares enough about their shop to maintain it. The same is true of consumers visiting a law firm’s website.

So how well-maintained is your website? If you’re not checking it regularly, you may not know you have a problem or how long it’s been there.

Websites are never set-it-and-forget-it. Each month, you should give your website a quick once-over to make certain that it’s looking good and working well. Here are some key items to put on your checklist:

  • Check for broken links. Links that lead to dead ends or missing pages send the wrong message to your visitors and to search engines.
  • Look for formatting problems. Missing images, awkward text flow or even worse issues like page layouts that don’t flow well can make a website awkward at best and unreadable at worst.
  • Make sure your contact information is still accurate. Have you changed phone numbers or moved? If this isn’t correct on your website, have you checked your business listing on Google, Yahoo, Yelp! and the Yellow Pages lately? Needless to say, if this kind of information is out of date, you’re making it difficult for people to find you.
  • Fix embarrassing errors. Case in point: A “what’s new” section that hasn’t had anything “new” in it since 2011. Or a push for social media followers on a dormant Twitter or Facebook account. Or a “future” event to be held on a date that has long since passed. Visitors will wonder if your firm is still in business.

Keeping your website well maintained also requires keeping it refreshed with new content, such as blog posts and firm news. Old content likely means that you’ll have fewer visitors—and less visibility on search engines.

There are more technical topics you can discuss from time to time with your web hosting service, such as outage monitoring and website backup.  But the bottom line is, there’s a lot of basic maintenance you can do yourself. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and it will keep your website from looking like no one’s minding the store.

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