Four Tips for Reinvigorating Your Law Firm’s Social Media

468138541-300x238Ladies and gentlemen of the legal profession, we need to talk about your law firm’s social media activity.

Maybe your Facebook posts and tweets have gotten a little stale and repetitive. Maybe you haven’t posted anything for a while. Or when you do post, it’s about things you’ve seen elsewhere — a local news story or a viral video. You might have forgotten why you’re involved in social media at all.

The reason you have a Facebook page, Twitter presence or LinkedIn account is, of course, to market your firm more broadly — and do so inexpensively. But it does cost you some of your precious time. And if your efforts are lackluster, your time will be wasted.

So how do you breathe new energy into your firm’s social life? By seeing it not as a duty but as a chance to tell your story and show what you and your firm know and what you can do. There should be an element of fun involved.

With that in mind, here are some ideas:

  • Post your personality. Don’t make it drab, lawyerly posts every day. Share photos of what you’re doing in the office. If people have told you that you have a sense of wit, express some of that in your postings. In any case, avoid legalese and jargon. Keep things down to earth — you’re trying to reach potential clients, not other attorneys.
  • Reach out. It’s called social media, after all. You shouldn’t just be posting your own content or recycled news stories. Spend some time finding out what your friends, contacts and even strangers are talking about, then join in on the discussion. Reply to a story you have an opinion on. Retweet an article that impressed you. Social media is more about conversations than broadcasting.
  • See what others are doing. It’s perfectly acceptable to check out what the firm down the street is doing on social media. What works for you — and what doesn’t? What would you like to try? You don’t need to stick to legal examples. You can also get ideas from brands outside of the legal profession, even Coca-Cola and WebMD. Sound far-fetched? Not really. You’re using social media to build your brand — that is, your visual and verbal identity.
  • Experiment. Social media isn’t an exact science. If what you’ve been doing isn’t getting attention, try some new approaches, such as polls or asking for the opinions of potential clients visiting your accounts.

To help you see what works best, social media platforms offer metrics. Facebook, for instance, has an “Insights” function that allows you to see how many people look at what you post, beyond those who might “like” or comment. Twitter has a similar capability.

Social media marketing is different from standard advertising. You have to put more of yourself into it. Doing that might make you feel a bit, well, exposed. But doing it right can give you and your practice priceless exposure.

Social media is an increasingly influential tool for law firms but it must be wielded properly. If you would like to learn more about using it for your law firm, contact us.

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