Four Simple Concepts To Gain More Cases

A lot of the content on these pages is focused on getting potential customers to contact your firm – and for good reason. No one can create clients out of thin air and every law firm needs a steady stream of new leads to stay afloat.

But getting your phone to ring or your email to ding isn’t really the end game. To make clients out of your leads, your law practice has to master the art of client intake.

Put on your customer service hat for a few moments and imagine what impact the following concepts could have on your intake processes.

  • Urgency – Possibly the most undervalued aspect of running a law firm, urgency stems from the knowledge that leads move quickly to decide on legal representation. To retain the leads that are contacting your firm, you and all of your client-facing staff must place a value on prompt action. Letting voicemails and emails go unaddressed is a plague among small law firms and is the single simplest step attorneys can take to improve their chances of securing a new client.
  • Empathy – At its heart, empathy translates into providing good customer service. Empathy means understanding that the people contacting your law firm are… people. They’re typically facing difficult situations and are actively looking for an attorney who is polite, courteous and genuine. Your website probably says how much you care about your clients already. Now it’s time to show, not tell.
  • Tenacity – Often the difference between a cold lead and a happy client is tenacity. Simply put, don’t give up on a lead that is hard to reach. Their lack of response could be related to any number of things, and until you hear a firm “no” you can’t be sure your next client isn’t just tough to get ahold of. Of course nobody likes to be hounded, but it behooves you to follow-up with every lead that expresses interest in your law firm.
  • Data Collection – This might seem like an odd fit, given the previous three concepts. But good data collection is central to good client intake for one simple reason – without understanding your past clients, your law firm will be hard pressed to identify and convert future clients when they appear. Good data can show you all sorts of information like characteristics of high-value clients and which of your law firm’s marketing channels are performing the best. But only if you track and analyze your data properly.

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. So make sure your law firm sends the right message by studying these concepts in our white paper, “Failing At The Finish Line: How Law Firms Lose Prospective Clients At The Front Door.”

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