Four emerging legal marketing trends that help turn prospects into clients

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It’s an understatement to say that this year has not gone as planned. But that doesn’t mean legal clients have stopped looking for representation – they’ve simply turned to new tactics for finding and researching firms. Now is the time for your practice to evaluate its legal marketing strategy and maybe try a few new tools.

From ensuring your law firm’s traditional online marketing materials are up-to-date, to working on remote communication necessary for today’s daily interactions, here are four emerging legal marketing trends your firm should consider right now.

Utilize traditional online marketing

That’s right: what’s old is new. And traditional online marketing tools, such as having a social media strategy, blogging, and having a solid website for your firm, are just as important today as ever.

It’s no secret: if a prospective client comes to you for legal advice, they probably researched your firm before picking up the phone. They want to understand who you are (as both an attorney and a person), past clients’ results, and to set an expectation for how you can help with their legal situation.

Offer success stories and show community involvement on your social media pages. Consider keeping up a blog where you can write about commonly asked questions and emerging trends in the legal space to show that you stay up to date on everything that matters for the prospective client’s legal matter. And, most importantly, make sure your law firm website offers words of welcome and a picture or two so the potential client knows exactly who they’ll be working with.

Make sure your firm is mobile ready

Mobile phones are an essential device for most nowadays. In fact, 55% of online users are utilizing their phones as a tool for research, and 15% are using apps to gather information. These numbers continue to rise year after year.

To reach all potential new clients, having a mobile-optimized site is no longer optional. Your law firm website should include dynamic design that intuitively recognizes if a visitor is coming from a computer, phone, or tablet, and adjusts its size and layout accordingly. It should also offer click-to-call functionality, meaning a mobile visitor can reach you with the press of a button.

Not sure if your firm site is already mobile-optimized? Try visiting it on your own smart device. If your site isn’t showing up as mobile-friendly, it’s time to get in touch with FindLaw.

Befriend Google

Ok, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t a new legal marketing idea, either. But, because it’s always evolving thanks to Google and other search engines, it’s not one to forget. Prospective clients are taking their questions to search engines. Is your law firm providing them with answers?

It’s crucial for your firm’s site to be seen on Google and other search engines to generate leads. Your firm should strategically craft content on its website that directly answers questions prospective clients may ask a search engine. Where to start? Try creating pages answering common FAQs past clients have called you about, need-to-know information on law firm intake, and specifics about the practice areas your firm can help with.

Don’t stop at just SEO – consider having Google vouch for your practice as well. Claim your Google My Business listing and enhance it with real life images and past client reviews. Those steps will make your firm appear more trustworthy and approachable. Want to learn more about being friendly in the eyes of Google? Listen to FindLaw’s on-demand webcast on the topic.

Establish effective (remote) communication

Whether the world is experiencing unprecedented times, or you’re just looking to make a clear separation between office hours and personal life, it’s important that your law firm is prepared to receive incoming potential clients – virtually speaking. After all, 86% percent of prospective clients who contact an attorney ultimately hire one. Don’t let them slip through the cracks.

Consider utilizing a call answering center and online chat agent with your law firm website. No matter the time of day or which communication method your potential client prefers, these services offer a means of connection with your law firm, whether you’re actually in the office or not.

It should go without saying that follow-up to this answering service or online chat agent should happen ASAP because you’re the expert the potential client is really looking to connect with.

Find success by combining the emerging trends

The old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” holds true for online legal marketing. Instead of choosing one approach to reach potential clients, it’s important that your law firm is trying out a few different strategies and adjusting as needed.

We understand that’s no small task. FindLaw is here to help keep an eye on these emerging legal marketing trends and help set your firm up for success. Contact us to discuss how we can help implement any of these strategies for your firm, and more.

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