Fix Your Firm’s Leaky Bucket

So today, let’s ask the hard question: How many of your website’s visitors actually become clients?

Not surprisingly, this is tough to answer for a lot of businesses – law firms included. Conversion goals for a law firm are a little different than an ecommerce site like Your site doesn’t have a “shopping cart” or checkout process. Your goals may include phone calls, contact form submissions and online appointments.

With this in mind, here are some essential ways to measure how effective your website’s conversion process is—and how you can boost the number of visitors that convert:

  • When people contact you, ask them how they found out about your firm. Did they see an ad? Flip through a directory? Get a referral from a friend? Or was it your website that brought them in?
  • Check your website data to determine which pages are most effective. Is it your contact page? Or are other pages attracting more visitors (and conversions)? Knowing this information can help you make the most of your pages. Visitors may go to your site to do a number of tasks: look up your phone number, do some research, view a compelling blog post, etc. Conversion rates may vary depending on where they are. If you focus only on your total site conversion rate, you’re basically treating every visitor as equal and assuming they all have the same goals.
  • Assess your abandonment rate. If you’re seeing decreasing conversion rates and poor engagement metrics (bounce rate, time on page, etc), certain pages might be driving potential clients elsewhere. It’s important to look at these metrics by segment rather than looking at averages across your site. For example, maybe the conversion rate is only low for repeat visitors. This insight can help you hypothesize what elements of the page are unappealing to this segment. Review your pages with high volume and high bounce/exit rates and dive into the different segments. Focusing on top pages and fixing anything that might be wrong is a good place to focus optimization efforts.
  • Don’t lose sight of revenue. Conversion is absolutely essential to making your online marketing worth the effort, but the one single metric that tells you if things are working or not is revenue. In a future post, I’ll discuss the myriad factors that can impact revenue – including website conversions. But for now, just keep the bottom line in mind as you assess your website’s conversion performance.

And for more information about conversion and law firm websites in general, download FindLaw’s newest digital book, “Lawyer Marketing 102.” Website design, content, calls to action, analytics and search engine optimization are all part of an effective attorney website. Learn how they work together by downloading the digital book here.

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