The Five Types of Clarity Your Law Firm Needs

Welcome to the age of integrated marketing for small law firms. Due to the proliferation of Internet-based marketing tools and tactics, spreading a consistent message across multiple channels is no longer just for large law firms with ample budgets and a dedicated marketing staff.

Regardless of your firm’s size, the key to a unified approach to marketing can be boiled down to one word: clarity. Here are five clarity touchstones to consider before launching a marketing campaign.

  1. Clarity of organizational objectives. Instead of “increase revenue” or “build brand awareness” challenge yourself to set specific short-term goals that are unique to your firm. For instance: “Increase your number of personal injury cases by eight percent over the next quarter.” Make sure your goals are ambitious but don’t overreach; an unrealistic goal can become a demotivator.
  2. Clarity about your unique value proposition. At the core of this exercise is the question, “Why should consumers select you over other law firms?” Will they benefit because of your expertise and experience in criminal law? The track record of your attorneys? Your caring and empathetic approach? All of the above? Until you define what you do, why you do it and why consumers should care, your marketing efforts aren’t likely to gain traction.
  3. Clarity of your messaging. Gaining clarity about your core values organically leads to authenticity and consistency of your core messaging. The better you know “who you are” as a law firm, the more accurately and confidently you will be able to pinpoint the messaging you want to deliver to consumers.
  4. Clarity of strategy. Getting noticed in a crowded legal marketplace requires you to synergistically deploy multiple tactics. For instance, to increase the quantity of divorce cases by 10 percent over the next year among downtown commuters, you might develop a complex marketing plan that incorporates compelling print and transit ads, social media posts about relevant statistics, blog posts about child custody or alimony issues, and targeted pay-per-click campaigns centered on common search trends. Each tactic in-turn promotes an easy-to-remember URL like where your contact form awaits. The goal of this is not to throw everything but the kitchen sink into your plan. It’s to develop a strategy that tailors relevant advertising and content to a specific target audience.
  5. Clarity of identity. Using the same recognizable “voice,” language, attitude and aesthetic across a variety of marketing channels helps prospective clients connect the dots between the blog post they read today, the tweet they saw yesterday and the online ad they’ll click tomorrow. When consumers recognize the same core message across disparate marketing touch points, your brand gains awareness and credibility. Eventually this will positively position your firm and its attorneys in the mind of the public.

Need to bring your marketing strategy a little more in focus? Download Legal Marketing 101 – the free playbook from FindLaw.

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