The First Four Ways Lawyers Lose Clients Online

At the risk of mixing metaphors, gaining new legal clients online involves a delicate combination of juggling multiple balls in the air while walking on eggshells. Over here, you’re told that you have mere seconds to capture a website visitor’s attention. Over there, you’re being told that “content is king” and that you need to write-write-write in order to win-win-win.

Take a breath. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a list of seemingly contradictory to-do’s, turn things on their head and work on fixing these to-don’ts instead.

  1. Don’t have a generic/useless/overwhelming website (or none at all).
    Let’s assume you do have a website. People do indeed make decisions to stay or leave very quickly. This might make you antsy and want to put everything you can online so that there’s something for every possible reader. Avoid this temptation. Sometimes less is more online. To get impatient visitors to see your value and stick around, determine why your clients have chosen you in the past and focus your language accordingly.
  2. Don’t have an absent or minuscule phone number.
    If this seems obvious to you, congratulations. Your contact information does notlive solely on your Contact page. At the very least, your law firm’s phone number needs to be visible on every page of your site as well as all your other online properties. But it doesn’t stop there. If you really want that number to deliver, you must have someone answering the phone. There’s more to be said on this topichere, but in a nutshell, missing a call means kissing a client goodbye.
  3. Don’t be boring.
    Your website has one job: selling you. As a result, it should reflect what it’s like to work with you specifically. Your site needs to show that you’re not just another suit and tie. Consider what message your writing tone and imagery And consider how something like an attorney bio or a compelling video can be used to show potential clients who they’re getting when they choose you.
  4. Don’t be narcissistic.
    Remember contradictions? Well, while you’re selling you, you need to remember who the customer is. That means showing empathy for their experiences and avoiding language that’s all about you. The words you use on your website need to show that you really care about your clients. If your visitors truly feel this, they’ll trust you and choose to work with you. Sometimes it can be that simple.

Remember, even when facing a confusing and challenging balancing act online, there’s always something you can do to improve your odds of being the one that gets hired. Take a look at your website in the coming week and make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes. When the second half of this list appears next week, hopefully you’ll have taken a few small steps towards converting more visitors into clients.

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