FindLaw Can Help Your Firm Connect With New Business in 2018

FindLaw Can Help Your Firm Connect With New Business in 2018

How does the coming year look for your practice?

Let’s ask it another way: How will you connect your practice to new ideas and new business? And yes, those two things are also connected.

Law firms need to see the connections between everything they do. After all, the practice of law is a relationship business. Attorneys need to connect with potential clients. And they need to connect their clients with solutions to their legal challenges.

For years, FindLaw has been digging into the trends in legal consumer behavior. It has been uncovering the drivers and deep data that law firms need to understand in order to more successfully connect with potential clients. A brief timeline of our findings looks like this:

  • Three years ago, FindLaw rolled out Integrated Marketing Solutions. This family of services helps firms craft marketing strategies that bring together multiple tools in harmony. Solutions include mobile-friendly websites, content creation, online advertising and round-the-clock online client intake.
  • That same year, we released a new white paper on branding. It demonstrated that attorneys need to think beyond their color palettes and logo designs. Branding is much more wide-ranging and inclusive. It involves everything that can attract a legal consumer—and make him or her think of your firm first.
  • A year later, we revealed key insights from our annual U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey. The chief takeaway:  Legal consumers act fast when faced with a legal need. Law firms need to position themselves strategically so that they are the one people find when the search for legal representation begins.
  • In spring of 2016, FindLaw’s thought leadership team looked at how law firms can manage their online reputation. (This paper was recently updated.) Some of the most important things being said about your law firm can be heard online, and are beyond your control. But there are strategies your firm can use to manage those online perceptions, particularly their volume and your response.
  • Last winter, we shined a light on the importance of social media use by law firms both as a brand-building tool and as an advertising opportunity. Social media is no longer a novelty that firms can ignore. Instead, it represents a crucial strategy for reaching the modern legal consumer.
  • Most recently this summer, FindLaw’s white paper on mobile page speed proved that your firm needs a fast, responsive mobile website. With consumers wanting to address their legal issues quickly, they’re turning to their mobile devices to find the firm whose site demonstrates that it understands their issue. Winning the attention of search engines and prospects alike requires a speedy response.

Stay Connected

All of this is to say that FindLaw has been telling a story for several years. It’s a story about the connections between ideas and technology, clients and lawyers.

Law firms are also made up of stories and connections. The stories are sometimes told by you and sometimes by your clients. The connections are between your marketing strategies and your prospects at points all over the internet and within the real world.

Identifying and making these connections isn’t always easy. FindLaw sees them in places our competitors can’t. Our team of experts and researchers understands legal consumers and continues to learn from them through formal research and FindLaw’s own performance data.

That’s because we know how to connect firms like yours with these consumers. The services we provide reflect the realities of today’s online marketplace and we help firms create a nimble presence within that space.

That presence can help firms like yours respond to consumer behavior that says: “I’m not going to just search Google or Bing. I’m going to read reviews. I’m not going to wait until I get home to my laptop. I’m going to find a lawyer on my phone and call them immediately. And I’m not going to wait three days for a callback.”

We also understand your business—the business of law. FindLaw is part of Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s most respected legal research and publishing resource. And that helps us understand the operational side of your business. Our expertise is at your service, solving the simple challenges you face every day – those that must be addressed even before your first client meeting or court appointment.

Undoubtedly, in 2018 new chapters will be written in the story of legal marketing. There will be new ways to connect with legal consumers and speak to their needs. With that will surely come new challenges for law firms—and exciting new opportunities for business growth. FindLaw is ready to help you identify those opportunities and make a fresh connection for your firm.

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