Finding Your Attorney Voice

Who are you at your firm?

Administrative Assistant?

Whatever your official title, odds are you wear multiple hats or serve as several different personas in your role. You might be the experienced attorney with all the answers. You might be the operations manager/marketer/gatekeeper/whatever-else-you-have-to-be today. But to the person calling your firm for the first time, your label doesn’t matter. To the next client coming in your door, you’re supposed to be the expert.

Let’s turn this challenge into an opportunity to educate your support staff in the language of your business. You’ll reinforce your brand position as a legal expert and you’ll craft a more consistent client experience. To get started, consider these ideas:

Build your vocabulary

Create a legal lexicon for all employees to learn and use. Accurate terminology is obviously important to the business and legal world. Plus, getting everyone to talk the talk can go a long way towards presenting an image of a firm that can walk the walk.

Understand your clients

As your team’s knowledge and comfort with the vocabulary develops, take things to the next level. Create a short collection of relevant statistics in your practice area like average cost of a divorce or average settlement value of a personal injury claim. By understanding what’s at stake, your team will be better positioned to sell the value of your services and relate to your clients.

Define your tone

Requiring a lot more nuance and practice, define the tone of voice for your brand. It’s an excellent way to reinforce your clients’ decisions to work with you. Tone can be tough to teach, so start with simple decisions like whether your firm has “clients” or “customers” and how your staff should speak when answering the phone.

Your attorney voice is probably a lot of things – knowledgeable, competent and consistent. Find it and share it with your entire staff.

It’s the voice of your brand after all. The voice your prospects called to hear.

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