Facebook Just Gave Your Firm Something to Talk About

If you’re an attorney who provides estate-planning services, you probably took note of last week’s announcement from Facebook. The social media giant released an update on February 12th that allowed its users to bequeath their account access to a loved one in the event of their death.

It’s a great common sense step on the part of Facebook and was well reported among the tech media late last week. Being in the law firm marketing industry, our minds immediately turned to the opportunity a big news item like this offers attorneys.

So for law firms that handle wills and estate planning, consider this an assignment: Take 30 minutes this week to craft a compelling blog post about this decision. There is no shortage of news coverage about the feature, but by building a connection to your law firm and your clients, you’ll benefit from the buzz while also showing you firm’s awareness and relevance.

Need a little help getting started? Consider the following facts and ideas:

  • Facebook has over 39 billion active users each month who upload over 300 million photographs each day.
  • Every Facebook user will eventually pass away leaving a legacy of images, videos, comments and likes on Facebook’s servers.
  • According to FindLaw’s 2014 U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey, Estate Planning was the most common issue faced by legal consumers at 33 percent.
  • Engage your own followers. Set up a poll on Facebook itself asking who has already taken advantage of the feature.
  • Ask a second question: How many have taken similar steps for their “real” lives?
  • Follow the steps for assigning a legacy contact yourself. Document the process then turn it into a useful “How To” blog post.

If you’re more of a “deep end of the pool” type, there are far greater concepts to explore within this announcement and yes; the legal ramifications of digital identities might intrigue some readers. But from a basic law firm marketing perspective, you don’t have to write a treatise to get the visibility. Just bringing your unique knowledge to the news can be a valuable discussion.

As we’ve said here before, being aware of opportunities and taking advantage of them is essential to making your digital marketing work for you. So get writing. Your audience is waiting.

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