Don’t set it and forget it: How to assess your legal marketing strategy

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The best attorneys are always looking for ways to improve themselves. From taking CLEs in new areas to staying updated on the latest industry news, you know that professional development is a constant process. Shouldn’t your firm’s marketing strategy follow this same mentality?

Too many firms today are still taking a “set it and forget it” approach to marketing, but marketing isn’t just a one-time task. An effective strategy requires frequent assessment to ensure it is delivering optimal results. Here’s how to get started.

Keep an eye on your KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measurements that can show how something is performing relative to a benchmark. They are a great way to see whether your firm’s overall marketing strategy is delivering a cost-effective return on investment.

One of the most relevant KPIs that you should continuously monitor is cost-per-lead (CPL), which tells you how much money your firm has to spend on marketing to generate a single client lead. To calculate CPL, all you need to do is divide your total marketing spend for a specific timeframe by the number of leads your firm gained during that timeframe. A low CPL is a great sign, while a high CPL suggests you should take a closer look at your marketing plan to see which channels are falling behind in performance.

Be deliberate in your social strategy

When done right, social media can be one of the most effective resources in your marketing toolbox. To gauge your social media’s performance, make sure to regularly visit your page’s analytics dashboard. Both Facebook and LinkedIn automatically generate analytics dashboards for all business pages, and it’s completely free (on Facebook, you can find this resource by navigating to your firm’s page and clicking on the “Insights” tab, while on LinkedIn you should select the “Analytics” tab).

The two most important metrics on your dashboard to keep an eye on are “reach” and “engagement.” Reach tells you how many unique people are seeing your posts and is a great barometer of brand recognition. The more people your posts are reaching, the more likely one of those people will think of your firm the next time they need legal services. Engagement, meanwhile, measures how many people are interacting with your posts, such as through liking, commenting, clicking, or sharing. Engagement tells you if your content is resonating with your audience.

If you find your reach and engagement levels aren’t where you need them to be, try performing a content audit. Go back through your posts from the past few months and see what kinds of posts performed the best. Then, use this information to inform your posting strategy going forward. For example, you may find that posts that featured links to legal blogs performed well while video posts failed to gain traction. In that case, consider incorporating more blog content on your social media over the next few weeks and reevaluate your metrics.

Refresh your SEO

When was the last time you updated your firm’s website? For most firms, the answer is not often enough. When your website was first created, its content was likely optimized for visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. However, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and the SEO strategies that were considered “best practices” when you last updated your site a year or two ago may not be nearly as effective today. That’s why performing a regular, thorough assessment of your website’s content is critical.

There are a variety of free resources on the web that can help you stay updated on the latest SEO trends, however, for best results, it’s a good idea to partner with an SEO professional who can manage your site full-time.

In today’s dynamic digital age, a “set it and forget it” approach to marketing isn’t enough to deliver the results you need to reach new clients and grow your law firm. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a social media plan or want to overhaul your website, FindLaw’s marketing experts are here to help.

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